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In depth Interview With

Georgia B Simmons


Were you a part of an athletic family or a ”sporty” environment growing up?

I grew up in the countryside and my house backed on to fields - we had chickens, some sheep and horses, so I was always out riding, shooting air-rifles or building dens in ditches! We were very active kids! As I got older I ran for the county, shot for the county in the ACF (army cadet force) and continued riding.

Who inspired you to start lifting?

I was inspired by Jennifer Nicole lee and Andreia brazier - there's a photo where she is wearing black angel wings and a 6-PAC... She looks like one of the sexiest women in the world in that photo!


What are your favourite exercises?

Number 1: Box squat! I love it because I love feeling the power and the raw aggression of pushing out a heavy squat! It’s such a rush!

Number 2: Hamstring curls – Love these because I vary the speed, length and intensity of the curl and focus on different parts of my hamstring and the tie-in.

Number 3: Weighted abs raised leg over head sit-ups – I like these because they’re really hard to do and it’s taken me 8 months to be able to do them with a 20kg kettlebell and every time I do it I think “YEAH! Have THAT!”

What is your training split?

I split between hams & glutes / legs overall / upper body and abs every day. I love supersetting with everything I do - it raises your heartrate and acts like a cardio workout during your weights!

Sample training:

First exercise:
12 stiff-legged wide leg deadlifts and 12 stiff-legged close leg deadlifts x 5 on 40kg supersetted with 12 squat-rack box squats x 5 sets on 55kg.

Second exercise:
12x deep squats on the smith machine on 45kg supersetted with 12 raised rear leg lunges on each leg holding 20kg x 4 sets.

Third exercise:
Leg press alternate legs superset no rest 40kg, 6reps x 6 sets.

Fourth exercise:
Leg extensions: single leg 15kg, 40 reps each leg, 3 sets followed by 35kg 12 reps double leg, 3 sets.


Why did you choose to start competing?

I started competing as someone in my local gym was impressed with my physique - She asked if I competed and I didn't even know what it was! I didn't even know you could compete to be a bikini competitor! I thought you either had to be a massive bodybuilder or do beauty pageants! I didn't realise there was it's awesome thing in between!

Training for Bikini competitions allows women to lift weights, train hard whilst still retaining sexy curves and still being small- it means you can get toned without adding size and it means you can do it naturally which is very important to me!

Your debut as a fitness competitor, could you describe it?

I was so nervous and terrified for my first competition - my knees were shaking so badly that I couldn't even pose on stage - unfortunately at the time I hadn't done enough research and just thought that girls really needed to be very very thin - it wasn't until afterwards that I got more feedback from the judges and realised that I needed to put on muscle.


Were your successful at competing straight away?

My first show I placed fifth and didn't get an invitation to the British finals- I was so gutted as I was convinced I was going to win - it was a real lesson in humility!!

I went away for three months and worked hard and came back and qualified- then I had five months to really change my body so I went away, doubled the amount of calories and carbs that I was eating and started training legs every other day.

When did you realize you could be a real contender,
and perhaps even make this a career?

When I placed second at the British finals in 2012 - I realised that I had the determination and the drive to really take this a long way - I know that I will never be the best as I am not genetically gifted with a tiny waist and I have to work really hard to achieve the bikini body look- but I am always consistently in the top 15 rankings.  I think you just need to be consistent and work hard and be able to get in condition.

What has been the best point in your
competition career so far?

I think the best time for me so far was winning the overall at BodyPower in the Uk in 2013 as my partner who is a heavyweight bodybuilder and ex-Mr Universe also won the overall for his class - we both won the overalls and were on stage together - it was amazing and is the sort of thing that only ever happens once!

The other best time was placing 4th at the Madrid Arnold's - it was so amazing and I had worked so hard- it was a class of 21 so to place was awesome.

You won your class respectively, and stood side by side in
the overall – how did that feel?

It was amazing to come 1st and second overall! We had both worked so hard and we wanted it so much!!  Nina is such a joy to be around she really boosts my confidence so it helps me to be the best,  Nina has such an amazing body she deserved to win - she is such a complete package- she has my favourite look out of any bikini girl!

Could you describe your off-season nutrition?

My diet is fairly static and rigid - I find I tend to work better when I have a routine! I try to avoid sugar at all costs, even fruit sugars.

I eat a lot of clean proteins such as fish and chicken / turkey, as well as steak occasionally. I eat loads of green vegetables as well, as they fill you up without adding too many extra calories or carbs.  I try to eat every 2 hours as well - I'm always hungry, it's ridiculous!

My achilles heel is definitely sugar though - I can't have it at all otherwise I go onto these crazy blood-sugar roller coasters! Once I'm out of the habit of having it then I'm fine, but if I do get a craving I mix an egg white into a scoop of toffee flavoured pure whey (0.5g sugar per serving!) and put it into the microwave for 30 seconds - et voila, microwave cake!

Could you describe your on-season nutrition?

On-season I calorie, carb and fat rotate - I can go from 1,350 to 1,900 depending on the day and carbs go from 0 to 200... It's all about knowing your body.

What do you do for cardio?

I used to absolutely love running - which is funny because I got told when I left the army in 2006 that I would probably never be able to run again! But I did, and I used to pound the treadmill for hours at a time - I had this idea in my head that running for hours would make me toned!

Of course what you eventually learn is that hours on a treadmill without weights just makes you skinny and stretched out!

I re-evaluated all my training this year and realised that actually I'm not someone who needs to do a lot of cardio as I don't naturally hold very much body fat. I do a 15 minute warm-up every day on the x-trainer just to get everything moving and I will do a 20 minute cardio session in the evenings just to burn some calories and to keep my heart ticking over! Generally I'll do that on a stairmaster.

Do you listen to music whilst you train?

For the last 3 years my playlist has consisted of Nickelback tunes and then various other angry rock bands and then breakbeats and drum and bass - which is weird because outside of the gym I hate drum and bass!

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What 5 tips would you give to an aspiring 
Bikini Fitness competitor?

  1. Consistency- you can't be good for half the year and not bother the other half - you have to be consistent all the time.
  2. Train hard - so many girls train badly / with no intensity / bad form or no contraction - you have to work hard to change!
  3. Mix it up- don't get stuck in a rut with training and stop pushing yourself- try new things like yoga / Pilates / kickboxing- strengthen your core and do lots of stretching too.
  4. Practice posing- so many people work so hard and then ruin their chances not knowing how to pose and looking a mess on stage - you should practice practice practice!
  5. Finally I would say "USE WEIGHTS" and "LISTEN TO YOUR BODY"! What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you might not work for your best friend. If you aren't seeing results, change what you do, but equally don't expect change overnight, be consistent with your training and be kind to your body, reward it with sleep and healthy food that will allow it to grow and repair!

Contest Record

  • June 2014 - Prague amateur Olympia 11th
  • April 2014 - Swedish international grandprix - 1st place & 2nd overall
  • April 2014 - uk national champion runner up
  • Nov 2013 IFBB World Cup – 3rd Place
  • Oct 2013 UKBFF UK Championships – 4th Place
  • Oct 2013 IFBB Arnold Madrid – 4th Place
  • Sept 2013 IFBB World Championships – 12th Place
  • May 2013 Bodypower Overall Bikini – 1st Place / Overall Champion
  • May 2013 IFBB European Championships – 9th Place
  • October 2012 UKBFF UK Championships – 2nd Place / Champion runner-up
  • July 2012 UKBFF Bedford Regional – 3rd Place

Georgia B Simmons

Height: 169cm
Weight, on/off (kg): 58kg / 62kg
Age: 26
Residence: London, UK


  • muscle finesse
  • NXT
  • la diva

Social media:
Twitter & Instagram  @gs_ukbff_bikini
Facebook: /ukbffgeorgiabsimmons


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