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Posted 26 May 2020

The Hidden Cause Of

Lower Back Pain

The "Hidden" Cause Of Lower Back Pain

Published: May 26th 2020

Training, Other basics, Pain & Injury Prevention
Posted 25 May 2020

What Is The Best Stretch

To Do If You Text A Lot?

Regardless of how much you hit the gym, how well you eat or how much you look after your body, hours spent sitting at a desk with your neck craned over a keyboard or constantly arching your head down to look at your smartphone eats away at your health in ways you could never predict.

Published: May 25th 2020

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Posted 13 May 2020

Tips To Get A Good Night's Sleep

During The Covid-19 Pandemic

"People across the globe are going through stressful conditions and sleepless nights during these challenging times. The COVID-19 outbreak has left people clueless about their future and the entire world is scrambling for answers. 24*7 news cycles of the increasing number of deaths due to the virus and uncertainty about the future results in many having stressful and sleepless nights."

Published: May 13th 2020

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Posted 08 May 2020

Why Sleeping On The Floor Is Good

If You Do Regular Workouts

"To get the most out of any great fitness routine, you need to prep yourself for success. That means getting plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep before and after each session."

Published: May 8th 2020

Training, Other basics, Pain & Injury Prevention
Posted 04 May 2020

The Bodys Most Primal Muscle (Youve Never

Heard of Let Alone Trained)

"Today I want to tell you about the body's most primal muscle….that you've probably never heard of (let alone trained)."

Published: May 4th 2020

Training, Other basics, Pain & Injury Prevention, Hip Flexors
Posted 18 April 2020 by Lucy Wyndham

Tips To Successfully Launch

Your Own Fitness Business

"Being a qualified fitness instructor, having a passion for fitness, and being in good shape is a great start for running your own fitness business, but it won’t be enough by itself." - Lucy Wyndham

Published: April 18th 2020

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Posted 18 April 2020

Alternative Workouts To Stay

In Shape During The Pandemic

Here are some exercises you can do right at home in the middle of your living room, and all you need is a workout mat. -

Published: April 18th 2020

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Posted 19 July 2019 by CutAndJacked.com

10 Best Gym Advice I Ever Received:

Vol 1 - CutAndJacked.com

3. “Take your time doing your reps, it's not a race. Perfect your form, less injury, better results”.
Training, Motivation, Other basics, Tips, Motivational Wallpapers And Quotes
Posted 10 December 2014 by Jon Habeshy

6 Things That Make The

Perfect Training Partner

"I hope this brings to light some factors you might not have considered. In the end, it's about finding ways to create more effort/intensity and few things do that as well as having a partner in the gym" - Jon Habeshy
Training, Motivation, Other basics
Posted 07 October 2014 by Sarah Anton

7 Tips To Get Motivated

For That Morning Workout

"Even though it’s very tempting sometimes to give in to that little voice and go back to bed, you can’t! You have goals to achieve and people to prove wrong, so you better get that morning workout in. Here are 7 useful tips that will get you off your feet and motivated for that morning workout." - Sarah Anton
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