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Julie Bonnett


We last spoke to you in September 2011 how has your progress been going in the gym since then?

A lot has happened since then! My training has been going great and I am thankful to still be healthy and happily married to the 2012 WBFF Pro Bodybuilding World Champion Runner-up, Craig Bonnett! I was thrilled to watch Craig come back from a severe hamstring injury and train around shoulder issues to capture a top spot on the World stage. We both continue to enjoy support from our sponsor Fusion Bodybuilding, and I do credit their extensive product line to my gains - especially one of their latest releases, PurpleK Reps. My focus in the gym has been to balance out my physique from my previous IFBB fitness/figure look to the ideal Paul Dillett rewards in his Pro Fitness Model. As you know, I was the Pro Fitness Model World Champion Runner-up in 2010, my fault being my aggressive back and deep cuts on stage. Now my traps and rhomboids have been reduced and my lower body is even tighter - #bestbutt is a hashtag I've earned so you know the bootay is bigger too ;)


You are now the 2x Wbff pro fitness champion…how do you feel about this achievement and what has been key to your success?

I'm absolutely ecstatic!! It was 5 years in the making as WBFF Pro to finally earn my crown, which was an incredible moment I will never forget... but the true pinnacle of my fitness career to date was successful defending the Miss Pro Fitness Model North America title this past April. Becoming a WBFF Champion was my goal, but it is an impossible dream come true to be honoured as a 2x Champion. I should probably be less giddy by now, but I'm being real about how much it means to me to be celebrated by a community I devoted my life to. I have great respect for Paul Dillett and am proud to be part of an organization that continues to change the sport of bodybuilding. The key to my success was an amazing support system of family, friends, sponsors (Fusion Bodybuilding, Popeyes Supplements and more) but primarily my soulmate, partner & conditioning specialist, Craig Bonnett, who helped me always maintain high standards and achieve all my life's desires. These achievements are a small part of what we share - our passion for bodybuilding has awarded us an exciting life together!


How do you stay motivated?

This is always a challenge for off-season competitors, or non-competitive fitness enthusiasts (unless they are brides!). I always have a short-term goal in mind - be it a vacation or photoshoot - along with my overall competitive goals. My clients are encouraged to do the same, even strength or cardio goals are helpful to stay focused and excited about training.


What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I prefer doing steady state cardio on my spin bike or upright bike at home, and emphasize the importance of body positioning during cardio. Post-workout I have a love/hate relationship with stepmill sprints during contest prep. Off-season I maintain my physique with fun outdoor activities like rollerblading!

Do you have a favourite healthy recipe?

I'm really not a foodie, so my diets are pretty basic. I go on kicks every competitive season with a new flavour that gets me though the challenging diet. One year was horseradish mustard, another year it was Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper... Sorry that I don't have a tasty recipe to share!


What does your diet currently consist of?

My diet is very low carb all year – I eat high protein and high fats and loads of greens. Many people assume that I have a fast metabolism and that staying lean comes easily to me since I do not allow myself to fluctuate my on and off-season weight by more than 5-10 pounds, but really, I watch my diet all year to ensure my body stays tight. Off-season I do allow myself cheat meals, however avoid sugars in excess.

A typical day for me would be - 

Meal 1: Steak/avocado/broccoli or steak/eggwhites/spinach,

Meal 2: Protein shake and peanut butter,

Meal 3: Tuna on greens,

Meal 4: Steak or chicken and vegetables (this meal is repeated a few times during the day, depending upon how long my day is!), Pre bedtime: lean protein such as cottage cheese and almonds and veggies.


What is your current training routine?

It's all about the glutes!!! Readers who follow my busy social media feeds would have already known that I obsessively train these world famous glutes at least 2x per week. My workout split is usually:
- Legs 2-3x/week, rotating between glute/hamstring and glute/quad priority
- Delts & Core
- Backs & Arms (at times Back day is removed depending upon how aggressive my look needs to be for my contest or photoshoot)
If I am not training back to reduce muscularity in that area, I will do Delts as it’s own day and Train Arms with Tricep Priority and Core.  I no longer train chest.


What are you most proud of?

Both my husband and I have accomplished so much in our personal competitive careers, including Overall Titles, Pro Cards, magazine features and/or covers in Inside Fitness, Oxygen Magazine, MuscleMag, Planet Muscle and WBFF Fit & Firm Magazine, however I am most proud of us for finding ways to share our knowledge, experience and network with others. Back in 2006, WBFF Pro Bodybuilder & Mr Manitoba Craig Bonnett and I launched a new idea - online training! We have worked hard to develop our business,, as an industry-leading fitness consulting and online personal training business. We constantly dream up new ways to motivate & inspire our clients, including helping thousands of competitive athletes prepare for stage and even more general public clients reach their fitness goals. Our idea has paved the way for many fitness trainers to follow our footsteps and inspired them to build their own careers.


Who are your favourite, athletes or fitness models?

Easily Craig Bonnett - I'm his #1 fan and have never met another athlete who even comes close to the dedication he has during his competitive training. Unfortunately as with many Pro athletes, injuries are a part of sport and it has been heartbreaking for me to see his career affected by injuries over the last few years. Still he has remained a relevant member of the fitness industry through judging, Contest Prep coaching and continues to represent Fusion Bodybuilding as a Pro Athlete.


What are your current and future goals?

My focus right now is on my business, My bestie & partner - hubby Craig Bonnett - love working together to help people realize that their dream bodies ARE possible... If you are willing to work for it. We expect to be at the big Expos next season with Fusion Bodybuilding!

Many female fitness enthusiasts who take the devotion to sculpting their body to the competitive level only last a year or two, as many tend to get overly obsessed and lose balance in their life. My husband, Pro Bodybuilder Craig Bonnett, and I have opened up our lives online to show that although we are winning World-level Pro athletes, we take the time to indulge here and there - work hard, play hard! We are excited when we help people discover fitness, but our years in this industry have led us to see the struggles that can also come with drastic lifestyles changes - and often being too perfect with your routine or diet can lead you to crash and give up the idea altogether.

Julie Bonnett

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