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Greg Vong


How and when did you start training?

When I was younger I played a lot of different sports like soccer, basketball, and handball judo had an athletic body but I was very slim. I was fascinated by the likes of Arnold, Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damme I wanted to be as strong as them. I started training in my room with my cousin where I put a bench press and some dumbbells.  Then I started to train in a gym to improve and work harder and better.

What mistakes did you make as a newbie?

As a newbie I only trained my chest, biceps and abs everyday, sometime twice a day. I didn’t pay attention to what I ate, I ate everything in order to add size but I started getting fat, now I realize the importance of nutrition in order to build a lean body muscular body.


We know consistency is key, what tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?

I think to stay motivated you must have a realistic goal, then I look at people on the net or magazines who have the kind of body I want and I tell myself if they can why can't I? You have to give yourself a goal whilst knowing that Rome wasn't built in a day and the same goes for your body. Patience, determination and dedication are the key but even if you have a goal everybody is physically different so you can't be like someone else. I always have some people in the gym who tell me they want to be like this guy or that guy... Yes it's a good source of motivation but focus on your own progression and be the best you can be. Work on your weak points in order to have a more symmetrical and balanced body. The thing about bodybuilding is that you can always improve, even if your a long way off.  You have to understand that’s it's hardwork everyday and there is no gain without pain.


Do you listen to music whilst training?

I like listening to music when I train,  I like 50 cent, G-unit, Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Akon, Kanye West, Neyo, David Guetta, DMX, Twista, Flo-rida, R Kelly, Pitbull, Usher, Snoop Dogg and old school new jack music.

What do you think about when you have to
dig deep and push out that last rep?

I always give myself a goal. gaining size, getting ripped for a shoot or compete... these goals give me the boost I need to be at my best.  I tell myself to go on and move my ass if I want to get results, I also think of my daughter who is my number one fan and I want to be the best for her. 


How far ahead do you plan and prepare ahead
your nutrition and training if at all?

I try to stay lean all year but I can't really gain size if I am always dieting. I have a period of time when I bulk and I'm less lean, but I try to never gain more than 3 kilos or so. When I'm off my diet it's always the same I just balance my carb intake and refeed every week, I prepare all my food for the week and cook all my meals. My carbs are most of the time jasmine rice or sweet potatoes and all gluten free low glycemic food.  My protein is turkey, low fat beef, chicken, eggs, and salmon. My fat sources are avocado, nuts, olives and coconut oil. 

What are you most proud of?

I'm proud of my daughter, I'm also proud when I see people who congratulate me, if I can inspire people and show them anything is possible I'll be proud of that. I am proud of being an example for the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I am also proud of having a new sponsor who help me with my training and preparation.


Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

I don’t think putting on alot weight in off season is necessary. Most of time it's just fat and I prefer to be ready if I have a competition or a photoshoot, for me fitness is a lifestyle, I go to the gym for me, not just two months before summer to impress woman on the beach.

What types of cardio do you do?

I like doing cardio or hitt not essentially to get in shape but also to work my heart. Healthy is not only what you see. A big car with a small engine will no go far so I think it’s important to do cardio.

What is your training routine like?

I train everyday I train my weak points as a priority twice a week.  My routine of the moment is to improve my shoulders and lats.


Who are your favourite athletes, bodybuilders
or fitness models?  

  • Jason Poston
  • Ulysses Jr
  • AJ Ellison
  • Dexter Jackson
  • Stan McQuay


What supplements do you use if any?

  • Bcaa
  • Glutamine
  • Zma
  • Whey isolate

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting to get CutAndJacked?

1. Have a realistic goal.
2. Train hard each workout.
3. Eat healthy.

Greg Vong

1.73m, 78kg on season 82kg off season
Born: 1979    

Sponsors: nutrisport


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