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19yo Simon George

How and when did you start training?

I had always done light weights and push ups etc at home since I was little, not to gain muscle mass but just to stay fit for all the sports I played, then when I was 16 me and a few of my friends all booked a holiday to Zante, I then joined a gym simply because I wanted to have a beach body, but I soon realised it was about much more than that for me. Since then I have never looked back, working out is the most important aspect in my life, its so much more than a passion, it is something I simply could not live without, so I know I will continue shifting the steel for the rest of my life.

At only 19,… what do you hope to achieve by 25?

Due to being in the fitness modelling world, I want to get myself into the position of being the most recognised face of fitness by the time I am 25, I plan to do this by training to my limits and beyond and staying focused on my goals. I strongly believe that nothing is given to you in this world, you have to earn everything, and working hard is something I am not afraid to do in order to get to the top. Another aim for me by the time I am 25 is to have a great following that come to me for health and fitness advice, I absolutely love helping people, and there is nothing better than hearing someone is changing their life and getting themselves healthy because of the influence I’ve had on them.

We know consistency is key, what tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?

Motivation can sometimes be hard to come by, but I think a great way to stay motivated and consistent is to be recognised for your achievements, if you’re going to the gym and really working hard it’s a great feeling when someone compliments you on your physique, so I say don’t be afraid to show it off once in a while, go out with your friends and wear a ‘show off’ top, wear something tight on your arms and/or low on your chest, you’ll find that the only people that will judge you for it are people who are insanely jealous because they know they couldn’t achieve what you have. Also be sure to take progress pictures, sometimes you don’t realise how far you’ve come until you look back on ‘the old you’, when you see how much you’re improving it keeps you moving forward and wanting to tear it up at the gym!

Do you listen to music whilst training?

I love listening to music whilst working out, also blasting it out on the way to the gym works great for me too, my playlist has never changed, it consists of Linkin Park, Jay Z, Eminem and 50 cent, I blast their music down my ears and it really helps me get in the zone!

What do you think about when you have to
dig deep and push out that last rep?

When the pain is getting too much, and I feel like I can’t push myself anymore, I simply think ‘there is someone else who’s working harder, there is someone else who is pushing out this last rep’, I convince myself of this, I want to be the best but there are others who want to be the best too, and they want to work hard for it, so I have to make sure I work harder, doing this makes me push myself that little bit more, and that little bit is the difference between someone who didn’t quite make it, and a champion.

Free weights vs machines what do you feel are the
pros and cons of both and which do you prefer?

I like to do both, the free weights is great for building great muscle and the stabilizers getting worked makes the results even better, although some people forget about good form when it comes to free weights, they try to get the heaviest weight they can lift and don’t get anywhere near a full range of motion, this will stunt your results so much, I always say ‘train your muscles, not your ego!’. As for machines I think they are great for toning your muscle, I’m not saying they can’t build muscle, but they work best to shred the body up and really get the striations popping for me.

What are you most proud of?

Being able to help other people, that is one of the main reasons I got into fitness modelling, so that my voice can be heard and I can help people with their fitness journey, there is so much false information spread around about training and fitness, and because of this a lot of people receive bad advice and get so frustrated because they aren’t getting the results they are looking for, so they give up on a healthy life, we’ve all been a victim of false information, and I am going to continue doing everything I can to help people with any questions they may have about the fitness world.

Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

I stay lean all year round, my job requires this of me, I could get a call for a photo shoot at any time and I have to look my best, I can’t afford to let myself slip at any time of the year, when trying to put some muscle on I just go for lean gains by eating 300 calories above maintenance.

What types of cardio do you do?

I rarely do cardio in the gym, I play a lot of sport and I get my cardio from this, doing something like having a game of football is so much more fun for me than say running on a treadmill, and because I am so competitive I work as hard as I can in any sport I play so I get a great cardio workout in the high intensity sports! If I know a shoot is coming up though sometimes I may use HIIT, just to try and get a little more shredded.

What is your training routine like?

I currently work with a 6 day split routine which looks like this:

Checkout Simons training routine here

What is your diet when trying to get in peak condition?

  • Meal 1: Fruit & nut muesli
  • Meal 2: protein shake
  • Meal 3: fish pie & broccoli
  • Meal 4: protein shake
  • Meal 5: Steak & tomatoes
  • Meal 6: Selection of fruit i.e. bananas, apples, apricots, grapes or pears.
  • I also like to eat almonds and Brazil nuts if ever I get hungry between meals.

Who are your favourite athletes, bodybuilders
or fitness models?

There are so many, yet the people I most admire are the people who have changed the game, the way Arnie changed the game for bodybuilding, and the way the likes of Greg Plitt have changed the game of fitness modelling, these are certainly two of my favourite athletes, and someone who was very influential to me simply because of the way he lived his life was Zyzz, you either loved or hated this guy, but no matter what you think of him he was taken away far too young, RIP.

What supplements do you use if any?

  • Whey protein
  • Homemade protein shakes (milk, eggs, bananas in a blender)
  • Multi vitamins
  • Cod liver oil

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone
wanting to get CutAndJacked?

1. Don’t ever let somebody tell you that you can’t do something, if you put your mind to it and give it everything you will succeed.

2. Be willing to make sacrifices, for example cut out the alcohol even if you enjoy having a few cold beers after work, you must be willing to stop this.

3. Get a training partner, this is great for keeping you motivated and they can help push you beyond your limits, the journey is easier if you have someone walking beside you.

Simon George,
Stats - Born:1992, Weight: 191lbs, Height: 6’2

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