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Marissa Rivero

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How when did you get started training
and living a fit lifestyle?

My father has always surrounded my brother and I around fitness and living a healthy lifestyle I always appreciated the gym but would rarely step foot in it until I decided to start competing this year. I was unhappy and wanted to see how far I can push myself physically.

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How do you stay motivated?

I am extremely competitive if I want something I'm going to go after it! No excuses! You have to be willing to do what others won't to achieve what others don’t!

My top 3 favorite exercises?

  • Smith Machine Donkey kicks
  • Walking Lunges
  • Lateral dumbbell raises

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What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I have benefited most from HIIT cardio and sprints.

What are your current ambitions?

I would like to start a business aside from competing but fitness related. Within competition portion of the industry I would like to work on refining my physique and compete in my first pro show next year and maybe one day the Olympia :)

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What is your favorite healthy recipe?

My protein pancakes! I don't know where I would be without them!
1/2 cup of oats 1 1/2 cup of egg whites 1 scoop of whey protein. You can use an artificial sweetener if needed (Splenda/stevia) and top it off with some natural peanut butter and sugar free maple syrup!

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What does your diet consist of?

My diet as a competitor changes every two weeks but will always have proteins, carbs, fibrous carbs some fruits and fats. Portions change depending on how close I get to my shows.

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Do you listen to music whilst you train?

My iPod is full of podcasts! Some of my favorites are hardwell, kaskade, afrojack and Calvin Harris.

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What is your training routine like?

Again, as a competitor my training will always change but here's an example:

Marissa Rivero's workout routine

What are you most proud of?

I'm proud that I have been able to stick to something that is a complete lifestyle change and surpass every expectation I had made for myself while competing.

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How do you measure your progress?

I have never and will never weigh myself when I'm dieting! I take progress pictures every two weeks and compare from there! Always take pictures! That's when you can really tell how much your body has changed!

Who are your favorite athletes/fitness models?

I have three huge fitness inspirations my coach Ingrid Romero, Amanda Latona and Laura Prestin!

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What's supplements would you use or recommend if any?

  • Optimum nutrition Gold Chocolate whey
  • Gaspari nutrition Aminolast
  • Prosups pre-workout Hyde

What 3 tips would you give to any woman wanting to get a feminine CutAndJacked physique like yours?

1. Eat, don't be scared to eat carbs and eat them often!
2. Weight training is very important to build and sculpt our muscles!
3. Stay consistent.

Marissa Rivero

Year of birth :1989
Height 5'0
Weight on season: 100lbs
Off season 108lbs

Marissa Rivero on Instagram: @marissabishhhh


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