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India Isabel Paulino IFBB Pro

What sparked your interest in training?

I have always loved working out. I was a cheerleader, always participated in the physical fitness contests at school. I took martial arts for over 5 years and have been dancing since the age of 3. As far as competing, when I would go to the gym I would see these crazy fit girls with muscles and I loved it. I wanted that muscular body. I feel that being physically fit and in shape shows confidence, determination, power and control of oneself. It’s sexy.

Are you or have you ever been a cardio bunny
and avoided the free-weight section?

No way I love weights. They feel so good.

Whats the best thing about being an IFBB Pro?

Everything! The fact that we get the opportunity to compete in the most prestigious shows in the world such as the Olympia and the Arnold classic is so awesome. The people in the organization are so amazing and do a wonderful job from putting on shows, to taking care of the athletes.

What are you most proud of?

I am very proud that I accomplished all of the goals I had when I started competing approximately 8 months ago. My goals included becoming an IFBB bikini pro, getting signed by FMG with j.m manion, getting signed by a supplement company (s.a.n nutrition) qualifying for the 2011 Olympia and making top 6 at the Olympia.

Whats the longest break you’ve had from training?

Before I started competing I would say probably about two months.

Have you had any obstacles or setbacks toward achieving your goal physique?

I wanted to bring my quads down for the 2011 Olympia. In order for me to break down the muscle I had to run. I had horrible shin splints that would not go away, so I had a rough time during cardio at times. There was no time to rest though. I took anti- inflammatory, iced them, wrapped them and ran.

We know consistency is key, what tips would you
give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?

I would say just go!! If you are having one of those days where missing a workout is a thought in your head, stop right there and just go! Just remember all of the hard work you have already put in and how great you will feel once you are done.

How do you deal with cravings for junk food,
sweets, and salty food?

If I have a show I am in prep for and I get cravings I just think about how upset I am going to be if I don’t do as well I would’ve liked because I ate that cupcake or whatever. I ask myself is it really worth it? Is this snickers bar really worth all of the cardio sessions I have put into this prep? The cravings usually go away lol. Or I will have a plan for a meal with friends or my fiancé after the show, so I just think about that and I can get over the cravings.

Who are your favorite athletes or fitness models?

I would have to say Nathalia Melo. Not only is she a beautiful person inside and out but also she has a lot of determination and drive, which I love. Before I joined team bombshell, I saw her picture from the 2010 Olympia and she definitely inspired me.

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I absolutely love the Cybex Arc! I like it because if done at a very fast pace it is very similar to running but without the impact it also makes your butt look good. The stairmaster is my favorite though I can climb all day! I like it also because depending on how you position yourself you can tone different parts of your lower body.

What is your training routine like?

I usually do cardio twice a day mon-sat. I lift 5 times a week, training a different part of the body everyday. My coach Shannon Dey gives me a new diet and workout plan every month.

What does your diet consist of?

My diet consists of egg whites, oatmeal salmon, orange roughy, steak, broccoli, brown rice and lots of asparagus. I rarely drink protein shakes and protein bars are never in my diet, I get my protein from my food.

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

I would recommend taking a good multi vitamin, (S.A.N’s Dr. Feel Good), glutamine powder, and a good fat burner (S.A.N’s tight extreme reloaded) those are my three must have supplements.

What three tips would you give to any women wanting to get a feminine, CutAndJacked physique like yours?

1) Your diet is #1. What do you want more, an awesome hard body or a chocolate bar? You must eat clean and give up the junk food.

2) Do your cardio. Walking is not cardio.
You have to push yourself and keep the intensity up.

3) Stay focused. If you see your goals, you will reach them. So hit it hard!

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