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Georgia B Simmons


How/when did you get started in training
and living a fit lifestyle?

I grew up in the countryside and my house backed on to fields - we had chickens, some sheep and horses, so I was always out riding, shooting air-rifles or building dens in ditches! We were very active kids!
As I got older I ran for the county, shot for the county in the ACF (army cadet force) and continued riding.

It wasn't until early in 2012 though that I really decided that I wanted to take fitness from purely a hobby to something more than that.
I saw some pictures of Jennifer Nicole Lee and I'd never seen a woman with a 6-pack before! I thought she looked fabulous and I decided that I wanted to look like that too!


How do you stay motivated?

I genuinely believe that we live in a culture where no-one truly knows what it means to work for something. We are the generation of instant gratification, you don't save up because you can put it on a credit card, you don't cook because you can buy takeaway...
Georgia_B_Simmons_q1.pngThere's a saying that has been floating around facebook and twitter for a while that says "I don't eat junk because instead of thinking about what I want right now I focus on what I want the most." This is so true - more people need to be able to motivate themselves via long-term goals rather than trying to satisfy their instant need for gratification.
If your dreams and goals are big enough that's all the motivation you ever need - if you can't get motivated by your dreams then that's because they're not your dreams!


What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I used to absolutely love running - which is funny because I got told when I left the army in 2006 that I would probably never be able to run again! But I did, and I used to pound the treadmill for hours at a time - I had this idea in my head that running for hours would make me toned!

Of course what you eventually learn is that hours on a treadmill without weights just makes you skinny and stretched out!

I re-evaluated all my training in July this year and realised that actually I'm not someone who needs to do a lot of cardio as I don't naturally hold very much body fat. I do a 15 minute warm-up every day on the x-trainer just to get everything moving and I will do a 20 minute cardio session in the evenings just to burn some calories and to keep my heart ticking over! Generally I'll do that on a stairmaster.


Do you have a favourite healthy recipe?

My favourite healthy recipe is chicken and sweet potato stew - it's fab for the winter when you want something filling but you don't want to cheat!

Ingredients (Serves 2):

2 white onions
4 sweet potatoes
1 tin chickpeas
8 mushrooms (any type)
2 lean chicken breasts
1tsp macadamia oil
pepper & mixed herbs to taste
750ml water


1) chop all the vegetables and the chicken
2) mix 100ml water and the oil in the pan with the pepper and herbs, heat until hot
3) add the onions and cook until soft
4) add the chicken and cook through until white
5) add the sweet potato and the mushrooms, add more water until almost covered, simmer but do not allow to dry out
6) simmer for 15 minutes
7) add the chickpeas and cook for a further 2 minutes


What does your diet consist of?

My diet is fairly static and rigid - I find I tend to work better when I have a routine! I try to avoid sugar at all costs, even fruit sugars.
I eat a lot of clean proteins such as fish and chicken / turkey, as well as steak occasionally. I eat loads of green vegetables as well as they fill you up without adding too many extra calories or carbs.
I try to eat every 2 hours as well - I'm always hungry, it's ridiculous!


How do you deal with cravings for junk foods,
sweets and salty food?

I'm quite lucky that my mum never cooked with salt when we were growing up - I think a cleverly targeted advertising campaign had terrified her with the idea of sodium induced heart failure, so I was never used to having salt in anything!! As a result I find a lot of processed foods so salty that I actually get really thirsty and can't enjoy them!

My achilles heel is definitely sugar though - I can't have it at all otherwise I go onto these crazy blood-sugar roller coasters! Once I'm out of the habit of having it then I'm fine, but if I do get a craving I mix an egg white into a scoop of toffee flavoured pure whey (0.5g sugar per serving!) and put it into the microwave for 30 seconds - et voila, microwave cake!


What are your top 3 favourite exercises?

Is it wrong if 2 of my 3 exercises are legs?! I love legs! They make me so happy - they're the one body part that can have you crawling out of the gym making you feel like you’ve just ridden across America with John Wayne!

1) TRX - I love TRX suspension training for abs - anything on there is just ace!
2) Drop-set leg press
3) Box-squats

I also LOVE Hungarian deadlifts but I have to stop them at the moment because my back is getting too thick!

Do you listen to music whilst you train?

For the last 3 years my playlist has consisted of Nickelback tunes and then various other angry rock bands and then breakbeats and drum and bass - which is weird because outside of the gym I hate drum and bass!

What is your training routine like?

I love supersetting with everything I do - it raises your heartrate and acts like a cardio workout during your weights!

First exercise:
12 stiff-legged wide leg deadlifts and 12 stiff-legged close leg deadlifts x5 on 40kg supersetted with 12 squat-rack box squats x5 sets on 55kg.
Second exercise:
12x deep squats on the smith machine on 45kg supersetted with 12 raised rear leg lunges on each leg holding 20kg x4 sets.
Third exercise:
Leg press alternate legs superset no rest 40kg, 6reps x 6 sets.
Fourth exercise:
Leg extensions: single leg 15kg, 40reps each leg, 3 sets followed by 35kg 12 reps double leg, 3sets.


Do you set short and long term goals?

I generally decide that I want something and then just head straight for it! I usually figure out the steps I need to get there on the way but I don't usually set them as goals.
My long-term goal at the moment is competing at the IFBB amateur European bikini and at the amateur worlds, so my midterm goal is the selector for that.
If you have too many goals I think you can get confused and lose focus.

What are you most proud of?

I'm currently most proud of coming second at the UKBFF amateur bikini tall class in the British national championships - that was a really great moment. But I'm trying not to dwell on it too Georgia_B_Simmons_q2.pngmuch there are always people who can be hungrier than you and want it more than you so if you spend too long focussing on your achievements you drop the ball and people will come past you.  I try to look at stuff I've achieved and then think, ok I did that well BUT I could improve this, this and THIS...

Outside of the gym and fitness I'm most proud of my law degree- it's good to have other interests or to look into academia - healthy mind, healthy body!

Have you had any obstacles or setbacks towards achieving your goal physique?

I fractured my leg in 2006 and didn't think I'd ever be able to ride or run again for a while after I spent the best part of 8 months on crutches! It was awful!
I'm over it now luckily but it has taught me the value of perseverance!

How do you measure your progress?

I used to be obsessed with measuring my progress with the scales, but I've realised that once you get below a certain BF% and are holding a certain amount of muscle the scales lie to you! Depending on the amount of water I've drunk or what I've eaten that day my weight can fluctuate by anything from 1 to 3kg! It used to really upset me but now I tell myself it's just water and ignore it!

I use callipers when I want to check my BF% and I use the mirror to see how I'm looking, but even that's tricky as your mind can play tricks on you, especially if you're having a bad day!

The best thing I've found is progress pictures because the camera doesn't lie and you can look back at images several times with fresh eyes and be really objective!

Who are your favourite, athletes or fitness models?

My favourite athletes are the women who can hold muscle but still look beautiful and feminine, it's an art form! My favourites are Andreia Brazier, Larissa Reis and Erin Stern, they are so beautiful!

Within bikini my favourites are Nathalia Melo and UK based Michelle Brannan.


What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

I supplement with amino-acids (glutamine & BCAA's), cod liver oil, multi-vitamins & l-arginine.
I use whey protein and casein supplements to increase my protein intake every day and I use L-carnitine when I'm cutting.

What tips would you give to any woman wanting to get a feminine, CutandJacked physique like yours?

I would say "USE WEIGHTS" and "LISTEN TO YOUR BODY"! What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you might not work for your best friend. If you aren't seeing results, change what you do, but equally don't expect change overnight, be consistent with your training and be kind to your body, reward it with sleep and healthy food that will allow it to grow and repair!

Georgia B Simmons

1987, 5'7", 60kg

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