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Fitness Model David Kimmerle

You say you were broke, fat, single, depressed and confused... tell us about your lifestyle before, was there an event or day that you decided to change?

I was your typical bachelor guy, I didn't eat or drink anything that I didn't buy at the liquor store or fast food restaurant. When I was younger my metabolism was higher but over time consuming booze and fast food I gained a bunch weight; combine that with a construction job, market crash and you have a fat, broke and confused David. Having said the above hopefully you can relate to how tough it must have been to be around me, thus the girlfriend leaving followed by depression. I knew how to fix that problem, I started eating and drinking even more to numb the pain. I wish I would've taken a picture of the symbolic pile, floor-to-ceiling of pizza and beer boxes; I was hurting a unit. This transition lasted over a few years but my breaking point was after I went to a pawnshop trading all my valuable possessions for 10 to 20% of their worth trying to make my house payment; I even put up the title of my car for a thousand dollars. The big event for me was a simple phone call. A guy from the gym called to tell me that my membership was inactive and that I owed them money, he followed it with, if I came in today he would wipe out the past due owed and I could start fresh. That phone call was like a punch in the face, my eyes swelled up and I knew this was the opportunity I was looking for to change my view of myself. So that same day I went to the gym, worked out, got my fat tested and started my journey. I was 26% bodyfat.

How and when did you first land a job
as a fitness model?

My first little job came by chance, the girlfriend described above knew that I was changing my ways and that I lost a bunch of weight. Well she was on set one day and the male model was a no-show, she talked to the director and they called me, I was there an hour later and left five hours after that five hundred dollars richer. They say hard work and opportunity meetings = luck, well in a nutshell that's my whole story.

What mistakes did you make as a newbie?

Oh I was quite the sight to see, I thought that a low-carb or no carb diet (Atkins type diet) and a ton of running would get fat off me. It did, but along the way I lost all my muscle, or better worded the little bit of muscle I had left. So when all the weight came off I was quite disappointed with what was waiting for me, my chest looked like walnuts and tube sock and my legs, abs and back were pretty much non-existent; not suggested for a fitness model or muscular physique. I also trained for a long time without a heart rate monitor, so I really had no idea about the calories in versus calories out versus whether I was even trying or not, let alone if my cardio was performed in my fat burning zone. So my biggest mistakes were eating and training and not knowing when I should or why I was; basically I had no accountability for my efforts. I will say this however, ignorance on fire will take you to the body you never dreamed you could have, but it will not win the competition and it will not get you on the cover of the magazine; those accomplishments come after the education.

What do you think about when you have to
dig deep and push out that last rep?

Digging deep my thoughts are first of my family and what they've done for me enabling me to pursue this career. Then I think of my friends who have helped in much the same way and even though they can't see me, I sweat to impress. My last rep comes out of pure anger, I'm still pissed about the situation I'm in and the people I hurt. I push that last rep to prove to myself that I really am trying to make a change, and be the best I can be, hopefully discounting the guy I was. I use those thoughts to get me in the door at the gym or put on my running shoes as well.

We know consistency is key, what tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?

Plan ahead, if you don't know what you're eating, why are eating it. Same goes for the gym, if the gym is on the way home and you don't have your change of clothes with you or you're going to exercise and you have no program to follow, you've set yourself up for failure. Inconsistency equals failure, one of my favorite quotes, "when you wipe your butt, do you wipe it once or do you wipe it till it's clean"? We all get up and go to work everyday, we have our obligations and we fulfill them or we lose them; kids, school, family, work, etc. How is it that we are all so able to be amazing in the workforce or as a parent and yet we cannot simply plan out a days worth of meals or a workout plan to follow enabling us to be even better at the above stated? If you are looking to stay consistent, plan ahead! Research the right foods to eat and the simplest way to cook them in bulk, plan ahead your cardio or fitness routine and make it an obligation to yourself. If you follow your plan you will see results, those results will empower you and keep you motivated enabling you to stay consistent.

Free weights vs machines what do you feel are the
pros and cons of both and which do you prefer?

I prefer free weights, a lot of what I learned came from 80s bodybuilders and they didn't have a lot of the machinery we have now, yet somehow they were still able to build muscle and physiques that today are still respected. I will use some machines for sure but you asked my preference.

What are you most proud of?

Recently my dad came to a competition with me, he really didn't know the full extent of what I do or why. He knew it was making me happy, but he really didn't get it. After a few days of hanging out with me and my friends, meeting photographers and watching the show, he got it. Whatever "it" was, it meant a lot to me; because I saw in his eyes for the first time since I've been an adult that he was truly proud of me. That moment took me years to earn. I spent more years disappointing those that saw potential in me. Receiving that look from my dad, who by the way adopted me from Utah State at the age of 9, relieved me of the anxiety about his perception of me, that was a great moment in my life. I can now finally say my parents are proud. That thought puts a smile on my face and is the moment I cherish most.

What types of cardio do you do?

My cardio comes in all forms, I do a lot of spinning on a bike in classes, I take Pilates on the reformer three times a week, I run the local Runyon Canyon, endure the stupid step master LOL and sometimes I will do 500 or more Roman crunches. I am a big fan of steady-state heart rate and HIIT, however I never do either on an empty stomach and always with a heart rate monitor.

What rep ranges do you prefer?

I prefer perfect reps of between 12 and 20 or heavy sets of 4-8.

What is your training routine like?

Click image below to-download four David Kimmerle workouts:

I will train arms, calves and abs when they are not sore, this is the training I cycle on and off of while adjusting my diet and goals.

What is your diet when trying to get in peak condition?

This is one of the diet plans I followed about 4 weeks out. It is a little over 2000 cals and with training it brings me negative between 1500 and 2000cals a day, this is only for weight loss and I mix it up.

ALL MEALS 2-3 HOURS APART if times missed

Meal one 7:30 AM
6 egg whites or Whey protein 2 scoop, ½ cup of oats, 1/3 cup of blueberries

Meal two 10:30
Vegetable 6 oz, chicken 5 oz, Yam 2 oz

Meal three 12:30
Vegetable 6 oz, salad, salmon or a fatty meat 5 oz, 2 oz of yam

Meal four 3 pm
Vegetable 6 oz, 99% fat free-hormone free turkey or white fish or chicken 4 oz

4:15:  Bodylogix PRE-Workout, supps
6:15-6:30:  Bodylogix Post Workout Shake two scoops,

Meal five 7:30 pm
Vegetable 6 oz, 99% fat free-hormone free turkey or white fish or chicken 4 oz

Meal six 9:30 pm

Bodylogix meal replacement protein 1-2 scoop 9:30 PM AT THE LATEST

Vegetables options are, broccoli, green pepper, cucumber, asparagus 10 spears, green beans, salad, all 6 ozs or split the ozs

Protein options, casein protein, whey protein, eggs, beef (lean), fish- (fatty and non), Poultry, all hormone free

Complex carbs, can replace the potato with comparable carbs in Brown rice, adjust per serving

Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

Well that is a very good question, the big argument between fitness models right now is who stays ripped all year blob blob blob, my answer is NO I have not stayed lean all year round. To dive more into my answer, you have to understand that I have only been training for three years and when I stood next to some of the of the guys after 1 year of training I realized I just did not have enough muscle to compete as a professional. Now I could stay lean all year and naturally put on 4 pounds maybe 5, but needed muscle quick so I decided to go and bulk up and diet down educated to keep the muscle. Having said that being a fitness model, you can only be so big or your a small bodybuilder and too big to be a fitness model. Some of the guys like to go around saying you need to be lean all year but they have already built themselves to the specs of the fitness model, so it's easy for them to take the pedestal. When I'm done building I refuse to do that, I will stay lean all year enjoying my new muscle and keep my mouth shut about others trying to build their body staying lean or not to the specs of a fitness model.

What advice would you give to sometime trying to get the best out of a photoshoot session?

I hate giving a redundant answer but it really is "plan ahead". This question hits home right now because last night I spent two hours with a friend who is competing this Saturday and had not practiced her walk to a level of confidence. I could see it in her eyes that she was scared, so I asked her to practice in front of me. While she was getting ready to do her little walk, I asked her some questions. Do you have any video of you practicing your walk? Do you know what you're doing the final week of prep on your diet? Have you watched a video on the girls you will be competing with and how they are posing? Acknowledging the look in her eyes I already knew the answers to most of my questions. So we practiced, then we practiced some more, I took video of her and showed it to her and sent her home with it to study. Practice makes perfect or hopefully good enough LOL. If you're getting ready for a photo shoot or getting on stage you should know exactly what you look like when presenting to the photographer or the judge's, knowing that will put the confidence needed in your eyes allowing you to take that picture or win that trophy. I've been on set and stage many times having not practiced, it was almost a waste of time; even if my body looked great I did not know how to present it, you could definitely see that lack of confidence in my eyes and smile. Get comfortable in front of the camera, know what you look like, the only way to do that is to have footage of yourself, study the video or picture and practice the fixes you saw needed, then do it again and again and again until you have video of yourself doing what you need to in front of the camera are on stage. OOOSH you will be so much more confident and it will show in your presentation.

What are your future goals?

My goals are to build a brand under the David Kimmerle umbrella, inspire others, stay sponsored, win my NPC Pro card and do it all well enough to pay my bills and provide for a family doing what I love.

What supplements do you use if any?

I take the entire BodyLogix line, they're launching in the US at over 7,000 Walgreen's stores in May, 2012. I'm very excited, they offer a full line of protein and vitamins.

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting
to get CutAndJacked?

1. Know that diet is 80% of your equation for success
2. Understand the first rule!
3. Train with heart and hold yourself accountable.!/Davidkimmerle

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