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Posted 14 October 2011 by Interview:

Christopher Villa

What mistakes did you make as a newbie?

Not dieting, that was the worst. I would be training my butt-off and I wasn’t
eating correctly my first 2 years of training.

What would you say your genetics are...What was your physique like before you started training?

I’m definitely an endomorph. Genetics are actually pretty good coming from a pretty fit family especially my mother, she was always into working out and kickboxing. My physique before was pretty husky, I was always pretty big, it’s so easy for me to put on size and muscle but when it comes to contest time my diet and cardio regimen has to be strict.

We know consistency is key, what tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?

For me it was money, health and my mother lol. Then I just became addicted and didn’t stop because of the fear of going back to how I use to be.

1) I was broke and locked in a contract so the money coming out my account aggravated me.

2) My health was getting really bad at a young age. At 20-23 I was slowly getting heart problems.

3) Once I heard my own mother say "boy your getting fat" I said that’s it I was on a mission to just better myself and have a better future.

Just think about you. Overall don't you want to look and feel good when your 50 or 60? Live longer... This is a lifestyle, I call it The Fitlife, you either live it 365 days or you don't. I stay motivated and inspired. When people tell me I inspire them, it makes me go harder than ever.

Do you listen to music whilst in the gym?

Oh yes that’s a must. Mostly allot of House/trance/electric and hip-hop are on my playlist. I do all the podcast since there almost all an hour long by Avicii, Tiesto, Eric morrilo, Deadmaus, Kaskade, David Guetta , Lil Wayne, Jay-z, Eminem, Dmx, Mobb deep and alot of other old school 90's hip hop.

Free weights vs machines what do you feel are the pros and cons of both and which do you prefer?

I’m more into free weights, due to the resistance I feel like I get a better overall pump and versatility whilst training. It’s more about free movements and stability. Overall just more options when you’re training with free weights. Although you need to be very careful training with free weights, there is more range of motion, which means it is easier to get hurt. Machines are great too, I usually throw a few workout in with machines, you get correct form, it’s safer and the majority of the time you don't need a workout buddy to spot you.

What are you most proud of?

I’m just proud in general with my accomplishments in and out of the gym. Definitely never thought I would be a sponsored Fitness model & Mens Physique competitor. It was a great feeling being on the cover of Kravefit and also an 8 page spread in the April issue 2011 of Men’s Fitness. I’ve been working real hard on bettering myself and making myself a well-known brand in this industry. My number one priority is to change peoples lives like I did myself. When I have my clients come to me and say WOW thank you Chris you changed me and made me a better person. Hearing words like that makes me know that I did what I was suppose to do and makes you feel great that you turned someone’s life around.

What types of cardio do you do?

I only do the Stairmaster or Treadmill switching intervals.

What rep ranges do you prefer and why?

Well it depends on contest prep but lately I do about 10-15 reps, to get the blood going and maintain a great pump. I want to make sure I still maintain muscle or give time for muscle growth while remaining as lean as possible.

What is your training routine like?

I try to rest Sundays but end up doing cardio I do 45 min am cardio, 25min postworkout cardio, 35 min pm cardio


Warm up Leg press 6 sets (pyramid up in the weight and get blood in the muscle)
Then 3 working sets 12-15 reps.
Then 3 sets Squats 12-15 reps.
Then 3 sets Leg Extensions 12-15 reps.
Then 3 sets Lunges 12-15 reps on each leg D-bells.


Warm up 4 sets Single Leg.
Then 4 working sets Single Leg 12-14 reps.
Then 4 sets Stiff Leg dead Lift DB or Bar 12-14 reps.
Then 2 sets lying leg curl 20-25 reps!!!!!


Warm up 4 sets T-bar row.
Then 3 working sets 10-12 reps.
Then 3 sets low pulley row 10-12 reps.
Then 3 sets wide grip pull downs 12-14 reps.
Then 3 sets Over head Hammer pull downs 10-12 reps.


Warm up 4 sets Barbell Incline press.
Then 3 working sets 10-12 reps.
Then 2 sets D-bell Incline press 12-14 reps.
Then 2 sets Incline fly 10-12 reps.
Then 2 sets Peck Deck 14-18 reps.


Warm up 4 sets Power clean press.
Then 2 sets 12-14 reps.
Then 2 sets D-bell press 12-14 reps.
Then 3 sets seated side lateral rise 12-14 reps.
Then 3 sets seated real delt machine 12-14 reps.


Warm up 4 sets straight bar curl.
Then 3 sets 10-12 reps.
Then 3 sets standing D-bell curl 10-12 reps,
Then 2 sets single arm high incline bench curl 10-12 reps.


Warm up 4 sets lying E-Zbar skull crushers.
Then 3 sets 12-14 reps.
Then 3 sets straight bar push downs 10-12 reps,
Then 3 sets weighted Dips 12-16 reps.


Standing Calf raise 3 sets warm up
Then 3 sets 10-15 reps
Then 3 sets sitting calf machine 10-15 reps
Then 3 sets rotary or donkey calf machine 10-15

ABS - 2x a week

Choose 3 ab exercises of your choice and do them in a circuit one
After the other for 3 sets. So that will be 9 sets total. Take a 60
Second break between each circuit. Reps are up to you as each ab
Exercise is so different, just make sure they are burning.


What is your diet when trying to get in peak condition?

Very clean. I eat allot of Tilapia, turkey and asparagus

Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

I try to stay as lean as I can all year around this industry is unpredictable especially as a fitness model you always get a gig when your not at your best.

How do you deal with cravings for junk foods,
sweets and salty food?

Chew sugarless gum or I just keep drinking my gallon of aminos.

What do you think about when you have to
dig deep and push out that last rep?

I literally talk to myself, I didn’t come here to waste my time. I came to get better and see improvements and changes. So I push myself as far as I can go, and show no mercy.

Who are your favourite athletes, bodybuilders
or fitness models?

Victor Martinez, Gregg Plitt and Juan Morel.

What are your future goals?

To be known as the number 1 fitness model in the industry. Building my brand with my website and possible future gyms.

What supplements do you use if any?

Isoflex by allmax
Aminocore by allmax
Razor 8 by allmax
Size on pre contest by Gaspari
T.a.g by metabolic nutrition
Allflex by allmax
Vitastack by allmax

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone
wanting to get CutAndJacked?


2. Never give up on your passion, goals, and dreams. Dedicate yourself and be consistent 100% percent.

3. Train hard, Train right and Stay focused


Height: 5'11

Off season weight: 220-225
Competition weight: 190-195

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