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Posted 02 October 2015 by Thomas DeLauer

Video: Park Bench Workout

By Thomas DeLauer

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Thomas DeLauer




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Gym Jewellery

Posted 30 September 2015 by Thomas DeLauer

Video: 4 Minute Abs Workout

By Thomas DeLauer

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Posted 29 September 2015 by Su Farrell

Finding Balance When Competing

Training And Dieting

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I can’t even remember what I used to eat before I started competing. I’m pretty sure I would eat pizza and Ben & Jerry’s a couple of times a week and think nothing of it. My physique, looking back, was, I guess, “average”. I certainly wasn’t fat and I was perfectly happy with my body. In fact, you could say I thought I looked pretty good. My body shape would probably have been described as “athletic”. I had a substantial amount of muscle (although nowhere near as much compared to now) and, I suppose, an average amount of body fat. I never counted calories, I ate when I was hungry and if I fancied something “bad” I would have it. Simple really. I don’t even think I really prepped my meals.

Oh, how times have changed.

Finding balance scr4.jpg

There’s a meme I saw recently on the internet that pretty much sums me up. “My appetite can either be described as a fitness model with a photoshoot the next day or an eating competition contestant. There is no in between”.

Now I’m not sure if this is partly due to my personality type. I am an extreme person and I either do something 100% or not at all, eating included. But a lot of this mentality has Finding balance q1.pngcome about from me competing. Since my first competition, I have never found a healthy balance with food in the off season. I am either super strict or completely off. And this is no way to live life. I have it in my head that in order to lose fat, I MUST follow a competition style diet, foods that are deemed “off plan” during a competition prep diet must be “off plan” in general, right? No. Even vegetables that I don’t eat during comp prep, I find hard to allow myself off season. In my head I’m thinking “there must be a reason why I’m not allowed these on season” and I find it hard to allow myself some freedom. Yes, progress may be slower than on comp prep, but trying to live life on a comp prep diet is not wise and certainly not sustainable.

Finding balance scr2.jpg

I was chatting to my friend the other day who also competes and she has similar issues to me. She had an apple in her bag as a snack and was terrified to eat it. I think once you’ve been on such a super strict diet, it’s hard to let yourself “diet” any other way. My friend and Finding balance q2.pngI don’t eat fruit in comp prep, so we really struggle to allow ourselves to eat fruit in the off season, scared that we will get fat from it. If we can’t eat it when we’re trying to get lean, surely we should avoid it all together, right? But of course, this is crazy. Yes, for a competition diet and to get super lean you may need to cut certain foods from your diet completely (depending on your starting point), but is an apple here and there in the off season really going to affect your body composition that much? It’s a mental struggle.

Finding balance scr3.jpg

The other issue for me is once I eat that apple, eg, I then think that I’ve ruined my diet entirely for the day, so I may as well go and eat whatever the hell I want. Trying to stick to a super strict diet “for life” is completely ridiculous and will inevitably lead to eating something off plan, which, in turn, can lead to a binge, due to the mentality I already mentioned. What is going to make me fatter? An apple or a handful of popcorn here and there, or a 5000 calorie binge every other day? You do the math.

Also because I tend to go so “off” in the off season, this means that my comp prep diet needs to be stricter than if I was to stay relatively lean all year round, which just amplifies the problem once the competition is over. This is entirely my doing and an experience I can only learn from. If I was to stay leaner all year round, my comp prep diet wouldn't need to be so strict and I would find it easier to stick to a similar plan in the off season. Does that make sense?

I’m finally now, after four years of competing, coming to the realisation that I can eat that apple and be ok. Or I can eat something “clean” that isn’t on my comp prep and not get fat. I haven’t ruined my diet, and there is no need to feel guilty. I am finally now, after four years competing, eating a “normal” diet. It’s not extreme and it’s maintainable. I can enjoy the foods I want to enjoy (within moderation) without feeling guilty. And I allow myself a cheat meal once a week. Something to earn throughout the week and also something to look forward to. 

Written By Su Farrell

Twitter: @sufarrellfigure

Posted 26 September 2015 by Interview:

Arianna Hernandez

Arianna Hernandez scr1.jpg

How/when did you get started in training and
living a fit lifestyle?

I grew up surrounded by an active mother whom I would watch, at the age of 4, Weight train and do plyometric exercises. Being an athlete has always been in my blood, playing every sport I could at a young age. I began weight training my freshman year of high school when I was chosen to be on the varsity basketball team. At that time, the emphasis in weight training was not only directed in helping with my athleticism in sports, but also directed towards living a healthier lifestyle following my father’s death at 11 years old. At Arianna Hernandez q1.png17 years old, after seeing my genetic response to my workout routines, I began to research what fitness competitions entailed, picked a show and started to prepare for that. My first fitness competition was at the age of 18 (also my high school homecoming day) where I competed in the Figure division and placed top 3 overall. Since then, my passion has been to perfect my physique and compete against myself every day and come in better and better in every competition. At 22 years old I earned my Pro Status as a Fitness Model and placed top 3 in the World the year following that and signed on as a sponsored athlete with Primal Essentials Nutrition. It has been a great journey thus far and I am very excited to see where my future lies in this industry, of course trying to brand myself, cement my path, and inspire and educate others along the way.

Arianna Hernandez scr2.jpg

Along your fitness journey have you ever felt like quitting, if so what motivates/motivated you to keep going?

OF COURSE I have felt like giving up and quitting, many times, who doesn’t ever feel like giving up on something? My perspective of this is in life there will always be obstacles, and if something doesn’t challenge you, you’re not working hard enough. Changing my mentality on the word “quitting” has kept me going. I want to know that I challenged Arianna Hernandez q2.pngmyself, I struggled, I went through pain, tears, and sweat, and I overcame and conquered my struggles, not only in fitness but in every aspect of my life as well. Everyone’s motivation is different, but my motivation is my mother. Not only do I want to make her proud of me, but I want to be successful so that I may take care of her like she did when I was younger. My mother has gone through a series of physical issues one being cervical osteoarthritis. For me, setting a healthy example for her is my motivation. Educating her on healthy habits, continuous exercising, stretching, and listening to her body is top on my list. If I can show her that I can push myself physically and mentally, then hopefully it would influence her to do the same.

Arianna Hernandez scr3.jpg

What advice would you give to a complete novice, someone who is out of shape and doesn't
know where to start?

I would start by adding that consistency is key in obtaining specific goals.  Writing long term and short term goals down, making sure that you are taking the steps needed every day is big in achieving where you ultimately want to be. Educate yourself on nutrition and exercise. Experimenting with certain workout and nutrition strategies will allow you to see what your body responds best with. Not everyone’s physiology is the same, and yes you will try new things and fail, but that allows you to become one step closer in knowing what your body responds best to and further educates you on how you can manipulate your body. Research before using exercise techniques on yourself; A lot of the time people see exercises (especially on social media nowadays) and apply them in their own routine unknowing the reasoning or function behind that specific exercise. Research the exercise, know its functions and reasons why you would perform that in your own routine, learn if it is biomechanically sound or just downright incorrect for your body. In sum, just be realistic with yourself, we only get one body and one life, there is no reason to mess it up!

Do you have a favourite healthy recipe?

Banana protein muffins With Primal Essentials Protein Powder.

I love the taste and texture of good brownies, and these muffins really hit the spot.  They’re naturally sweetened with bananas and also get dessert-like flavor from coconut flour, cocoa powder, vanilla, and cinnamon.


To make the most of the few indulgent ingredients in these good-for-you protein muffins, caramelize the sugar in the bananas by baking 2 in the oven first. As the bananas bake, mix your dry ingredients in a large bowl:

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 2 Tbsp. coconut flour
  • 2 scoops Vanilla Primal Essentials Protein Powder (non-gmo, gluten free, 100% natural grass fed protein)
  • 1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

In a medium bowl, combine 3/4 egg whites, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup non-fat plain Greek yogurt, and 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract. Slowly fold together the dry and wet ingredients, pouring the egg and almond milk mixture in half at a time.

Line a muffin pan with silicone or foil baking cups. Divide the mixture evenly among the 12 muffin cups, and bake for 18–20 minutes.

Arianna Hernandez scr4.jpg

What does your nutrition consist of?

I currently incorporate carb cycling. Re-feeding my body as needed and of still incorporating foods that I am unable to eat throughout prep.  I manipulate my nutrient intake based on the goal I am trying to obtain physically at that time, which is for me at this moment a lower calorie intake based on calculating how much energy I expend versus intake. I eat 5 to 6 meals per day, every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day.  Each meal has its source of protein, carb or fat, and veggie. 

An example of my current plan includes:

Meal 1: eggs, gluten free whole grain waffles

Meal 2: Primal Essentials Protein with Primal Essentials Omni Greens

Meal 3: Beef, white rice, zuchinni

Meal 4: Turkey and a salad or cucumbers

Meal 5: Beef or chicken and a veggie.

Do you have cravings for junk foods,foods that will hinder your progress… if so, how do you deal with these cravings?

Sometimes my junk food cravings are the real deal, LOL.  What I have really tried to incorporate is living a healthy lifestyle year round, and not being on a “diet.” Due to the fact that I eat clean/healthy foods 100% of the time during the week, getting away with cravings and “cheats” isn’t too much of an issue, especially mentally, meaning no remorse or guilt behind eating something I enjoy. Nutrition and cravings are completely based on your mentality and perception of food. I’m definitely guilty of, in the past, eating more than I should have of junk food, foods that I was craving, and eating when I was bored or emotional.  After reading and understanding the human mind, I have found that these are types of habits that we build and if we can change the process of which we respond to that specific habit we can change our habits. A habit requires a cue, a routine, and a reward. The way I have changed this habit for myself has been by replacing the response to my cue (a cheat meal); instead of indulging and feeling either guilt or the reward of being too full, I take my cheat and set it as my reward. My response to my cue now is “okay, let me work up to enjoying that food.”

Secondly, If the craving has not diminished, I find other sources of proteins and healthier foods to snack on, one of them being “protein ice cream sludge,” which is simply 1 serving of my primal essentials protein, cinnamon, 1 serving of peanut butter, and a bit of water.

Do you listen to music whilst you train?

I love listening to music while I train. I’m currently into upbeat and motivational music.

My current top 3 songs on playlist right now are:

  1. Let You Go – T-Mass & Chainsmokers
  2. Click – Dotcom
  3. Chuuch - Slim Thug

Arianna Hernandez scr5.jpg

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

Given that my background has always been one of an athlete, I love incorporating high intensity cardio like: playing football or basketball, running sprints, hills, power and agility drills, and plyometric workouts. I alternate between doing athletic based cardio and steady state cardio (cardio that keeps my heart rate in a zone that burns fat optimally for my body). Steady state cardio for me includes: incline treadmill walking, elliptical, cycling, and the stair master.

What is your training routine like?

My training routine prior to my last show was incorporating workouts with a lot of volume (moderate weight and high rep sets) in order to add the mass in the places I was wanting. I was able to keep more muscle density and fullness as well as add size with those types of workouts.  My new goal for myself is still to add size in some areas (tweaking areas primarily), and now adding a different shape to my body. With this goal in mind my training style has changed to more of a functional style incorporating more Pilates in order to strengthen and elongate my overall core, taper my waist, manipulate my glutes, and increase my transverse abdominis and internal oblique activation.

I set workout splits for the week and cycle through them alongside my corresponding nutrition plan:

  • Day 1: Upper Body (shoulder specific)
  • Day 2: Lower Body (quad specific)
  • Day 3: Cardio Plyo Day
  • Day 4: Rest Day
  • Day 5: Upper Body (Back specific)
  • Day 6: Leg Day (hamstring and glute specific)
  • Day 7: Rest Day

Who are your favourite, athletes or fitness models?

Swann and John DeLaRosa, Cody Montgomery, Nicole Wilkins, and Evan Centopani to name a few of the people I truly admire.  All IFBB Pros and all of them have influenced me so positively by being real people and showing their amazing character.  I admire them because of their humbling yet hard working attitude.

Arianna Hernandez scr6.jpg

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

After learning and experiencing what cheap and bad supplementation can do to your body, I live by and preach on using supplements that are not genetically modified, don’t contain fillers and whatever else companies may use that people are unaware of.  I truly preach on becoming aware of your body’s response to whatever you intake whether it be via food or supplements.

My supplementation consists of:

1. Primal Essential Protein (which is gluten free, non-gmo, 100% grass fed)

2. Primal Essentials Omni Greens (20 servings of fruits and vegetables that your body needs to help with detoxification)

3. Primal Essentials Intra-Workout (contain carbs that are immediately digested into your muscles during a workout and has BCAA’s)

4. Fish Oils

5. Multi Vitamins

6. Probiotics

When you look back what do you think has been the key to achieving your results?

Consistency and mindset have most definitely been keys in achieving my results.  It is the consistency in continuously working on your craft with the mindset of never giving up and expanding your goals. Also, having the mindset of acceptance; accepting that I do not know everything, always being open to incorporating new techniques and expanding my knowledge. These two characteristics do not only pertain to passion in fitness, but in all areas of my life, as they can be applied universally. I find that if you ask any successful person how they achieved the results they wanted these two would be among the top.

Arianna Hernandez

Born: 1990
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 124lb
Location: Houston, Texas


Posted 12 September 2015 by Andréa's Protein Cakery

Recipe: Double Chocolate

Chip Protein Cookies

Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies recipe scr1.jpg



  • 1/4 cup almond butter (60g) (or any nut butter)
  • 1/4 cup filtered water (60ml)
  • a pinch of sea salt
  • 1/3 cup chocolate pea protein powder (33g)
  • 2 tablespoons stevia-sweetened chocolate chips (21g)




  1. Preheat oven to 325F (163C).
  2. Mix almond butter, water, and salt until combined.
  3. Add pea protein, and combine into a dough. You may need to use your hands.
  4. Fold in chocolate chips.
  5. Break into 8 pieces, and roll each into a ball. Press and flatten each onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet.
  6. Bake for about 12 minutes, or until firm.
  7. Let cool, and enjoy!



A note about substitutions: Rice protein powder can be used instead of pea protein powder. I would not recommend whey protein in this recipe.

Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies recipe scr2.jpg


Makes 8 cookies.

Protein: 5g,
Carbs: 3g (1g fiber, 1g sugar),
Fat: 5g,
Calories: 76 per cookie.


Recipe created by Andréa's Protein Cakery!

Recipe blog:

Posted 11 September 2015 by Interview:

Valerie Pequeno

Valerie Pequeno scr2.jpg

How/when did you get started in training
and living a fit lifestyle?

I've always been fairly athletic. I've played volleyball since I was in middle school and was on Varsity Cross Country, Track, Volleyball, Basketball, and Cheerleading all through High School. I would "workout" about 3 times a week but it wasn't until about 2012 that I decided to prep for an NPC show that was going to be in my hometown, Corpus Christi, TX. My uncle and aunt were already living that competitor lifestyle and encouraged me to Valerie Pequeno q1.pnggive it a shot since it was in my hometown. I did, won my class, and have been hooked ever since! Seeing progress and changes in my physique became an addiction and it became my lifestyle after that. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for the discipline that I've learned from living a fit lifestyle. I was a party girl in my early 20's and would eat/drink whatever I wanted when I wanted. No direction or any clue about nutrition. Now that I'm educated on nutrition, I look back to my early 20's and think "my poor body." hahaha If I knew then what I know now....

Valerie Pequeno scr1.jpg

Along your fitness journey have you ever felt like quitting, if so what motivates/motivated
you to keep going?

There have been many times when I've felt like quitting. All competitors know how extreme the competition diet can get along with the workouts and extended cardio sessions when conditioning for stage. It not only takes a toll on the body but the mind as well.  My motivation has stemmed from my supporters, actually. Knowing that people Valerie Pequeno q2.pngactually believe in me and are inspired by the dedication and discipline I put into my lifestyle is a great feeling. Being able to have such an impact on another individual's health and lifestyle I'm a personal trainer, so I believe on looking the part. I would be a hypocrite if I was to preach about fitness and a healthy lifestyle to my clients and not live up to that expectation myself. I'm also a mom to a 5 year old, and I know he watches everything I do. I want to be someone he can look up to and be proud of and don't want to be known as a quitter. That is motivation in itself!

Valerie Pequeno scr3.jpg

What advice would you give to a complete novice, someone who is out of shape and
doesn’t know where to start?

Take it day by day and don't beat yourself up if you fall off your plan. We ALL  have to start somewhere. Don't compare your starting point to someones final product. Start slow, set small realistic goals and take steps towards reaching those goals. Then, set another and conquer that one! Slow progress adds up and before you know it, you're a completely different person, inside and out!

Valerie Pequeno scr4.jpg

Do you have a favourite healthy recipe?

I love me some Blueberry Protein Pancakes! I do my cardio in the morning fasted, so HANGRY right after so these are the closest thing I can to the real thing without sacrificing flavor.

  • I use 1 cup liquid egg whites
  • 1/3 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 scoop Vanilla whey protein powder (for flavor)
  • 1 packet of stevia
  • Cinnamon.

Mix it all up in  bowl (I do not blend it because I like the thick oatmeal consistency but can be blended before adding blueberries).

Spray the pan with spray butter or non stick spray.

Medium heat, and cook like a pancake (About 3 minutes on each side).

Top with Walden farms pancake syrup or any sugar free syrup!!  YUM!!!

Valerie Pequeno scr5.jpg

What does your nutrition consist of?

Depends on where I'm at in my prep. My nutritionist, Kash Guidry, knows what foods my body responds to and which ones don't. Constantly changing my carb sources so that my body doesn't get used to the same foods and stop responding. Further out from a show, more carbs, then as we near showtime, slowly take out some carbs (never all of them) but they do decrease. I eat 6 meals a day that all consist of at least 4-5 oz lean protein ranging from egg whites, whey protein, chicken breast, bison, top sirloin, and salmon. My carb sources come from complex carbs such as brown or wild rice, oatmeal, ezekiel bread, red potatoes, and my healthy fats are usually from whole eggs, almonds, almond butter, and avacado. Any green veggies such as broccoli, green beans, romaine lettuce, or asparagus. I usually have a "cheat meal" once a week to help restore glycogen and leptin levels. I have whatever I want that isn't on my daily meal plan. I try to stay away from fried foods, TRY.... but I usually have a good burger and fries :)

Valerie Pequeno scr6.jpg

Do you have cravings for junk foods,…foods that will hinder your progress? If so, how do you deal
with these cravings?

YES! All the time, I crave fats and chocolate. I'm sure I'm like the other 98.2% of other women but that's what I crave. Mainly peanut, almond or COOKIE butter and CHOCOLATE! And I know I probably shouldn't say this, but WINE. I like to destress sometimes with a glass of red wine, but when on prep, NO ALCOHOL, and no way around that one.

When I get cravings, I like to blend up flavored bcaas with a bunch of ice and drink it like a slush. Cucumbers with lemon and a stevia are also my go to snack since cucumbers are really low cal and mostly all water. I keep quest bars in my pantry just in case I get a chocolate craving, sometimes I'll take a bite and it will take my mind off my chocolate cravings. My cheat meal that I have once a week also helps with my cravings!

Do you listen to music whilst you train?
If so what’s on your playlist right

Now? Of course! I can't train without it! I listen to anything from Linkin Park, Pappa Roach, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and recently onto Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard.

Valerie Pequeno scr7.jpg

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I have found fasted cardio works best for MY physique. There is a lot of controversy and different opinions on it but I've done cardio both fasted and in the afternoon after a few meals but I come in tighter and see better, quicker results when doing my cardio first thing in the morning. I also find that HIIT helps me maintain my muscle while leaning out. I do sprint intervals and sometimes throw some plyometrics in the mix. 30 second sprint, get off treadmill and knockout 25 squat jumps then back on for another sprint. Repeat for about 10 sprints then finish off with incline walk. I see myself leaning out once my intensity is high, so this is what has worked best for me.

What is your training routine like?

  I usually lift 5-6 days a week,

Monday - Quads/Glutes (Heavy Weight) 10-12 reps 4 sets

Tuesday - Shoulders/Triceps (HeavyWeight) 10-12 reps 4 sets

Wednesday - Back (Width Concentration) and Bi's (Heavy Weight) 8-10 reps 3-4 sets

Thursday - Rest (just cardio)

Friday - Glutes/Hamstrings (Moderate to Heavy Weight) 15-20 reps 4 sets

Saturday - Shoulders and Quads (Moderate Weight) 12-15 reps (some drop sets)

Sunday - Back (Thickness concentration)/bi's (Heavy Weight) 8-12 reps 4 sets

I throw core in about 3X a week on any of the days I have more time. Cardio is usually 5X a week for 45 mins and I try to knock it out in the morning.

Valerie Pequeno scr8.jpg

Who are your favourite, athletes or fitness models?

Well, my background consists of starting my NPC journey as a bikini competitor then switching over to the Figure division and going on to becoming an IFBB Pro in FIGURE. So, when I first started my journey I followed quite a few bikini competitors with the top 3 girls being Amanda Latona, Natalia Melo, and Michelle Lewin. Clearly, (based on my picks, I'm infatuated with glutes) and these women have some of the top glutes in the fitness industry along with feminine beauty as well. As I started becoming more infatuated with muscle on women, I started following Dana Lynn Bailey, Nicole Wilkins, Candice Lewis, and Larissa Reis. I love that these women represent strength AND beauty. Round full muscle bellies and still maintain a feminine, sexy appearance.

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

I use Sin City Nutrition's fat burner called DICED along with their Pre workout called DETERMINATOR.  I take BCAA's during my cardio and my lifts.  Creatine and a vasodilator along with my pre workout before my lifts.  Glutamine at night before bed.

Valerie Pequeno scr9.jpg

When you look back what do you think has been the
key to achieving your results?

I stay consistent and stick to the plan as close as possible. Bodybuilding is not only about physical strength, but mental strength as well. You must have a strong head on your shoulders and remain focused, it's all mind over matter. Also, surrounding myself with positive and supporting people that believe in me has been the main key to my success. Success breeds success. I pull motivation for myself from everyone around me like my fiance, clients, family, friends and all these individuals are positive, goal oriented individuals. This is what makes it easier for me to stay on track and lead by example because I know how many people look up to me for motivation.

- Stay Positive

- Set goals

- BELIEVE you can

I wanted to become an IFBB Pro more than anything within the first year of competing (took me two). I stayed relentless, believed I could, and I DID! "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work."

Valerie Pequeno

Born: 1985
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Stage Weight: 130lbs, Off Season: 140lbs
Try to stay fairly lean year round so that it isn't torture trying to condition my physique closer to a show.



Posted 16 September 2015 by Interview:

Jenna Fail

Jenna fail scr1.jpg

How/when did you get started in training
and living a fit lifestyle?

My husband actually trained and competed years before I was ever interested in the sport. So although I wasn’t living the lifestyle, I was very familiar with meal prepping, proper diet, training splits and workouts.  Looking back, I think I was so hesitant because I was intimidated by it. Bodybuilding is a very intimidating sport.

I was unhappy with my body at that time but was too unmotivated to change it. I had no confidence and was a house wife with no drive or ambition. I had tried several careers only to be unhappy in them and felt so defeated. My husband told me to quit those jobs and find what makes me happy.

In November of 2012, me and my husband went to see Jay Cutler at a meet & greet in a gym. It was the 3rd time I had met Jay and I’m always so blown away by him. I remember standing in line and seeing many girls walking around in sports bras. They looked Jenna fail q1.pngfabulous! I remember thinking to myself – I wish I felt good enough about myself to wear that in public. I was bundled up in a big sweater. On the way home that night I decided I wanted to feel like those girls did. I was going to lose some weight and “tone up”. I was determined. When I got home that night I threw away all my night binging food. I’m a night owl and would barely eat all day then eat junk food all night while watching TV.  After throwing away all the food I grabbed some of my husbands’ chicken & rice out of the fridge and I made myself meals for the next day. Since that day, I haven’t stopped.

I had a gym membership at this little (and I mean LITTLE) gym. It was actually a shed with electricity lol! It had about 3 treadmills and a few dumbbells and one barbell with the longest screw caps ever! I hated that thing! But that’s where I began. I would go in everyday, do 20 minutes pre and post workout cardio and a full body circuit. My body changed drastically within 6 weeks and I was HOOKED! I then began splitting up my training days and after about 6 months, I graduated to the big boys gym. Golds.

That was a big deal for me. Gold’s gym is 40 minutes from our house so when I signed that contract I knew it was a commitment. We drive that everyday. Our town is small and doesn’t offer much. Bodybuilding is our life so we don’t think twice about it. It's just part of our day.

Jenna fail scr2b.jpg

After a few months of using new gym equipment my body was still changing so much! I was so happy and for the first time since I could remember, I felt really good about myself. I had always admired the bikini girls on stage at Chris’s shows. I was envious of not only their body but of the guts it took for them to get up on that stage. It’s truly something I never thought I could do.

 Me and Chris went to watch an NPC show one night and I was so intrigued by the division. I was sitting in the audience flooding my mind with all the “I can’t” thoughts. “I could never do that” “Look at her! I could never look like that.” Omg pity party right?! Well Jenna fail q2.pngright at that moment I realized I was the only person who could determine whether that was true or not and I was determined to prove myself wrong. On the way home that night I said to my husband “I’m doing that show next year” I couldn’t believe what I had said! But I liked it! My husband was so supportive (as he always is) and was happy for my new adventure! I was so excited I couldn’t wait another year. I ended up competing just 10 weeks later and placing 3rd out of a stacked class and the rest is history! I competed in bikini 3 times before realizing that the division no longer suited me. This past year has been spent building up for figure which I’m so incredibly excited for! 

Competing means a lot to me. It means something different to everyone who does it. For me its never been about winning. I love how challenging it is. It's hard. For most of my life I was the kind of person to take the easy and comfortable road. Not anymore. I love overcoming challenges and pushing my limits. To me, nothing is more rewarding than that.

Jenna fail scr3.jpg

Along your fitness journey have you ever felt like quitting, if so what motivates/motivated you to keep going?

I can honestly say no. Since the very first day I began and I realized I could actually do it, I have never wanted to stop. The results and overcoming the hard days keeps me motivated to do my best everyday.

What advice would you give to a complete novice, someone who is out of shape and doesn't know where to start?

START! Just start. That’s all I did! Don’t think about it anymore, just set your mind and do it!

Jenna fail scr4.jpg

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe?

Yes! I’m so obsessed with my 1st Phorm Level-1 Mug Cakes! It’s the PERFECT low calorie protein packed snack! I take 1 Full scoop of Level-1 (Chocolate Peanut Butter or Ice Cream Sandwich flavor). I put it into a bowl and add a splash of liquid egg whites and a splash of water until it’s a cake batter consistency. Then microwave for about 30 seconds (watch it close, it cooks fast!) the center will be gooey and the edges will be cake. I then take 1 tbsp of Almond Butter or Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and put it in the center as well! It’s insanely good!! It satisfies my never ending sweet tooth and it fits in my meals for day! You can’t beat it!

Jenna fail scr5.jpg

What does your nutrition consist of?

My meals have always been geared towards high protein, moderate carbs, lower fats & plenty of leafy greens! I eat every 2.5-3 hours & take in around a gallon of water a day.

Do you usually train alone or with a partner?

Normally I train alone but right now I’m training with my husband as we wrap the final weeks of our prep together. We both enjoy the push we give each other and training together is so much fun! We’re normally on different splits but we love to train together when we can. I always make the best and fastest improvements when we train together. Maybe I’ll keep the new split even after the show ;)

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Do you listen to music whilst you train? If so what’s on your playlist right now?

If I’m training alone I do. I usually just throw it on Pandora. A few of my go to stations are “The Used” ‘The Amity Affliction” & mix it up with “90’s Alternative”

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I’ve found the best results to come from intervals. Things like a high incline brisk walk for a few minutes, then sprint for one minute and cycle that until the times up. My cardio tip to anyone looking to get started is to focus on time and not distance. So many people say (& I used to as well) “I did a mile jog for cardio” While that’s still great, our bodies don’t know distance. But knows time! Focus on training your body for time.

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What is your training routine like?

Right now it’s a bit different since I’m in show prep but I always train 6 days a week with one solid off day. At the beginning of my off-season my legs were a weak point so I was training legs 3x a week! They came up a great deal this year and I’m very pleased! My set amounts depend on if I’m super setting or not. Normally with a superset I’ll do 3 sets and with a normal set I’ll do 4.  I don’t count reps and haven’t in over a year.  I just go until I can’t go anymore then I try for a few more.  But I use weight that allows me to get about 10-12 reps. If I’m able to do 15+ reps, I always up my weight.  Keep it challenging!

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Who are your favorite, athletes or fitness models?

Who doesn’t love DLB? Her work ethic and drive is incredibly motivating.

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

Absolutely hands down 1st Phorm all the way! The quality of the products is bar none to anything else on the market! The Post-workout Stack has been a game changer for me putting on the size I needed to bump up to figure and the 1-DB Goddess Prime has made the shredding of this prep a breeze! I have full details on my stack on my Instagram but I’m always happy to help anyone create a stack! Myself & everyone at 1st Phorm are always happy to help guide & educate! You can checkout more details at

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When you look back what do you think has been the key to achieving your results?

Persistence, trusting the process and believing in myself.

Jenna Fail

Born: 1991
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130lbs
Location: South Carolina



Posted 14 September 2015 by Interview:

Alice Matos

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How/when did you get started in training and living
a fit lifestyle?

I started training in 2010 to get in shape for summer. Waldemar Guimarães, my first trainer, has always been a great inspiration.

Alice Matos scr2.jpg

Along your fitness journey have you ever felt like quitting, if so what motivates/motivated you to keep going?

Yes, but only for short periods of time. When that happens, I have to listen to my body. I've learned to balance everything in life so that I can find equilibrium.  That is the most important thing.

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What advice would you give to a complete novice, someone who is out of shape and doesn't know where to start?

The person needs to really decide. Choose something that he/she likes and transform that into a routine. To have cycles and then realize how the exercise becomes a necessity for the body.  He\she may choose a sport, a gym, whatever motivates them to start without it feeling like an obligation.

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Do you have a favourite healthy recipe?

I love slim grilled beef. I prefer cooking it with condiments and spices that are not including salt.  We have many options in the supermarket these days.

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What does your nutrition consist of?

Well, when I'm on diets, I need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and eat more protein. Out of dieting, I balance carbs and protein, but always focusing on protein. Vegetables, fruits and nuts are a permanent part of my daily nutritional routine. 

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Do you have cravings for junk foods,… foods that will hinder your progress if so, how do you deal with these cravings?

I crave for McDonald's French fries and I love sweets, sometimes, when I go to restaurants, I skip the meals and go straight to the desserts, but don't tell that to anyone, lol.

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Do you listen to music whilst you train?

Yes, I do. I am a very eclectic person, but at the gym, for cardio, I listen to a lot of Pop music, and Rock music sometimes.
Beyoncé (influenced by my assistant Antonio) and Metallica are always trending!

Alice Matos scr8.jpg

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I would say that treadmill running is the best option for me.

Alice Matos scr9.jpg

What is your training routine like?

Now I train five times a week.  It always changes order but for example purposes, let's say:

  • Mondays: Front leg training.
  • Tuesdays:  Pushes
  • Wednesdays: Back leg training and glutes
  • Thursdays: Day off
  • Fridays:  Pulls
  • Saturdays: Legs in general when I need to get slim faster, I do a cardio routine 5 hours after my normal training program and it takes about 50 minutes.

Alice Matos scr10.jpg

Who are your favourite, athletes or fitness models?

Michelle Lewin, Larissa Reis, Oksana Grishina and Eduardo Corrêa.

Alice Matos scr11.jpg

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

I always go for BCAA and Whey Protein.

Alice Matos scr12.jpg

When you look back what do you think has been the key to achieving your results?

The key to my results can be a lot of things but I would have to say that it is to never give up. Persistence is the key word. Everybody will have bad days, you will need to be stronger than these days. To rise above and be bigger than every problem or obstacle.

Alice Matos scr14.jpg

Alice Matos
Born: 1985
Height: 5'3'',
Location:  Florianópolis, Brazil


Posted 18 September 2015 by Tyler Andrew

Did You Ever Get

Those Summer Abs?

Did you ever get those Summer Abs scr3.jpg

It happens every spring, we all see those articles on getting the abs of your dreams for the summer.  Topics of discussion include; abdominal exercises, fat burning and weight loss supplements, the latest workout series that will get those abs flat, trim, rock hard, chiseled, shredded, you get the picture. 

When summer ends, we might as well go into a bulking phase and forget any high hopes in obtaining that cover like mid-section, after all, the holidays are just around the corner and it would just be so much easier to “relax” and try again next year.  This is the problem, fitness is a lifestyle, not seasonal fasting only to be followed by a cold winter binge. 

Center your focus on daily habits of good decision making. Fitness and a healthy well-being should be the objective.  The muscle definition will simply be a positive product of your healthy choices. 

Did you ever get those Summer Abs scr1.jpg

Now getting back to the abs.  To make the abs visible, we need to reduce fat.  The battle against fat is won with an arsenal of three.  Our first weapon to eliminate fat is nutrition.  I could write a book on nutrition, so let’s focus on keeping simple sugars and alcohol consumption as low as possible, consume a moderate level of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, and keep the lean protein and green vegetable intake high. 

Our second ally is cardiovascular activity.  Doing work to elevate our heart rate on a regular basis will assist in burning energy and also increase our metabolism to decrease the fat we carry. 

In addition to nutrition and cardio, weight training will help build muscle.  The more muscle we carry, the more energy our body will take from the food we eat to maintain and fuel that muscle.  In turn, our body fat will have less to feed on and as a result it will starve out and shrink. 

Did you ever get those Summer Abs scr2.jpg

As we conclude this chase on the abs of our dreams, keep these thoughts in mind. 

- The physique you desire should be for you and not to impress someone else.

- You can still be fit and healthy without having a 6 pack. 

- Very few people have chiseled abs year round.   

Written by Tyler Andrew


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