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The Best Pre-workout Foods

For Muscle Gain


When it comes to muscle building, it's essential to consider what kind of foods you consume before doing an intense workout.

You may have the right and complete equipment for lifting weights, but without giving your body the right amount of top-quality proteins and calories, your efforts might be lost.

A pre-workout meal is an important thing to prepare for especially if you plan to build muscle.

These foods will help you maximize your efforts in your workout and might even help you achieve your muscle growth goals faster.

If you’re interested to know more about the best pre-workout foods for muscle gain, keep reading.

What to Look For in a Pre-Workout Food for Muscle Gain?

Here are a few ingredients to look at when looking for a pre-workout food for muscle growth:


Protein is one of the most essential sources you need to consume before a workout.

Foods that include a good amount (20-30 grams) of fast-digesting protein helps with building muscle. Some examples of protein include tuna, chicken, ground turkey, egg whites, and whey protein. You can make a Triple Chocolate High-Protein Smoothie recipe.

If you plan to eat animal protein as your chosen pre-workout meal, it's best to eat at least two to three hours before exercising.

Otherwise, your workout session may be prevented due to its digestive process. If you prefer a quick dose or faster digestion of protein, egg whites or whey protein is another excellent option. You can hit the gym within 30 to 60 minutes.



Carbohydrates are just as important as protein. The number of carbohydrates you will consume will depend on your age, body weight, and goals for building muscle.

However, the usual recommendation for carbohydrate intake is 25-40% of your total intake.

You can also follow a 3-to-1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein an hour pre-workout.

Some athletes who digest carbohydrates an hour before exercising reported that their blood glucose and insulin levels have elevated immediately pre-workout.

Aside from muscle building, carbohydrates are useful in maintaining adequate energy for an intense workout and recovery.



Whole wheat is another acceptable ingredient to consume as a pre-workout meal.

If you're looking for another quick or additional meal to consume before hitting the iron, you can add whole wheat bread as an appetizing side to your eggs or oats.

You also make a turkey bacon sandwich if you're feeling more adventurous.


Lean meat

Lean meat is another good source of protein for your pre-workout meal. If you have time to cook, this meal will give you an amazing mix of protein and carbohydrates that you need for your upcoming workout session.


Whey Protein Powder

Adding whey protein powder to your pre-workout meals is a good idea if you're planning to build muscle and stay lean. 20 to 30 grams of protein is enough to add in your 50 grams of carbs per meal.

If you can't eat other protein-sourced foods such as chicken, tuna, ground turkey, or egg whites, a quick dose of whey protein powder will help you consume and digest protein faster.

If you're looking for a good protein powder to add to your meals, check out this Ideallean Protein Powder review and see if it’s something you would consider adding to your pre-workout meal.


If you’re looking for quick or extra food to consume pre and post-workout, bananas are a great option.

One of the perks of eating this fruit is that it’s easy to eat, and you don’t need to clean up a mess unlike cooking a full meal. It also contains carbohydrates, fiber, and other important nutrients when it comes to muscle building.

Another nutrient that contributes to muscle growth is potassium. It can also increase your endurance and improve your brain function.

However, we suggest that you avoid relying on bananas alone as your daily pre-workout meal.



Oats are another option you can choose as a pre-workout meal for muscle building because they are full of fiber, which gradually releases carbohydrates.

Its slow release of carbs helps you train harder and longer throughout your exercise, thanks to its consistent energy levels.

Oats also contain Vitamin B, which converts carbohydrates into energy. If you're looking for the best type of oats, you might want to try Irish oats, since they are least processed.

They also claim to have a lower load of glycemic, unlike instant oats.

Egg omelet with wholemeal toast

Eating an egg omelet with whole-wheat toast as a pre-workout meal gives you two hours for the nutrients to digest and start working within your body.

It also offers you 20 to 30 grams of egg protein, which happens to be the most bioavailable protein source you can find.

Your egg omelet should include three to four eggs, tomatoes, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a slice of cheese.

You can also mix it up by adding flaxseed oil when preparing the omelet. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, making it perfect for post-workout muscle repair and overall health.

Adding the whole-wheat toast for muscle building gives you carbohydrates. Your body converts it to glycogen, which is the source of energy for your workout.

Chicken and rice

Eating chicken may not be the perfect pre-workout meal in 30 minutes. However, if you have a couple of hours to prepare before your exercise, chicken can be a good protein source.

It is one of the best choices since it's low-fat and high in protein.

On the other hand, rice has been considered one of the best choices for both pre and post-workout meals.

Just like the omelet and toast, the meal includes carbohydrates. Rice is also low-fat and high in protein, unlike other sources of grains.

However, you have the freedom to choose between white or brown rice.

If you want to spice up your chicken and rice meal, you can season them with garlic, lemon pepper, Himalayan pink salt, and other spices that are calorie-free. You can also try this recipe of Roasted Balsamic and Honey Chicken.



It’s important to consider what foods you consume when building muscle. Having pre-workout meals will not help you maximize your efforts throughout your workout and help you reach your fitness goals faster.

We highly recommend you to eat egg omelet and whole-wheat toast as your pre-workout meal. It has all the ingredients that will help you build muscle like protein, carbohydrates, and of course, whole wheat. This food can also serve as a post-workout meal for muscle recovery when added with flaxseed oil.


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5 Healthy Habits That Will

Keep You Around Longer


Believe it or not, going through a significant life transition can result in good things.

For example, you may have lost your job and realized that you hadn't taken care of yourself. As a result, you feel worn out and haven't been making healthy eating choices. You'd like to change this pronto!

If you're looking to revamp your health, look no further. Here are five tips you can start applying today so you'll live a better and healthier life!

1. Get Disability Insurance

You never know what each day will bring, and sometimes the unexpected happens. For example, you may need an operation that won't allow you to work for a year or longer. If that were to happen, would you have enough money to make ends meet?

Even if you have money saved up, it's hard to go too long without having a steady income. That's why you should consider getting disability insurance.

Whether you go with short or long-term disability insurance, it's good to be prepared. You never know if recovering from a surgery or mental illness may take longer. So instead of worrying about your finances, look into getting disability insurance.

Most disability insurance policies cover up to 80% of your income while you're unable to work. So even though it may take a few months to kick in, by the time you file everything, it'll be worth it!


2. Pile on the Fruits and Veggies

Americans have one of the worst diets in the world. We tend to overeat sugar and don't place emphasis on the right food groups. Unfortunately, our poor eating habits result in obesity and health issues like diabetes.

Don't allow you or your family to get caught up in the "I can eat what I want" mentality. It's okay to have a few snacks once in a while. But for the most part, you should be eating food with sustenance, such as fruits and veggies.

If you're not a fan of fruits and vegetables, make a list of the ones you do like. Sometimes, it takes being innovative to eat healthy food, such as mixing it in with a yummy dinner dish.

The more fruits, veggies, and other healthy food groups you eat, the better you'll feel. Plus, you'll also be more likely to live longer and ward off other health conditions such as cancer!


3. Have Regular Date Nights

Did you know the key to a successful relationship is spending time with your significant other? Unfortunately, life gets crazy, so hanging out may have fallen by the wayside lately. The good news is it doesn't have to — all it takes is some effort to get back on track!

Consider establishing a weekly date night to catch up with your spouse or partner. Not only will you grow closer together, but you can try new things. One example is that you can go to a new restaurant you haven't been to before. Or, you can watch a movie you both have been dying to see.

And if you happen to be single, take yourself out for a solo date night or invite some friends! Spending time with people you love is a great stress reducer, and you'll make lasting memories too.


4. Don't Subscribe to the Policy That "More Is Better"

It's easy to get sucked into the trap of buying things you don't need. Unfortunately, we all do it regularly. The problem with that, though, is that you end up not using what you buy most of the time.

In the long run, having things you don't need results in a cluttered home. Not to mention you end up being wasteful.

So it's best to adopt a minimalist attitude and way of living. Not only will you save more money for your future, but you'll have less junk to store.

It may be tricky to establish this new habit at the beginning. But you'll be glad you followed through!


5. Saying No to Procrastination

Every one of us has struggled with procrastination. Yet, some people tend to procrastinate more than others.

If you fall into the procrastination camp, don't worry. There are ways to break this horrible habit and get back in your employer's or family member’s good graces!

Start small and do things like getting up early and breaking up projects into bite-sized pieces.

Many times you likely procrastinate because something seems overwhelming. The trick to making it easier is by creating a plan of action. It’s unrealistic if you think you have to finish a big task in only a day.

Split things up, keep a calendar, and do your best to stay on top of your tasks. As a result, you'll experience less anxiety. Plus, you'll find your life is much more productive and fulfilling!



Making a conscious effort to live a healthier life will pay off in dividends. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it a priority to take care of themselves. It’s much easier for them to get sucked into eating whatever they want and buying whatever they want.

Even if that used to be you, you don’t have to fall back into your old habits. Continue to establish new and positive habits that’ll improve your health and life. You’ll never look back!


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Training: Barbell

Squats Alternative


Squats are among the oldest of exercises known to powerlifters, bodybuilders, Olympic lifters, and fitness enthusiasts alike; and Barbell squats are at the core of this exercise. However, many fitness diehards and those seeking to lose weight usually find themselves struggling to keep up with this taxing exercise.

If you are having a hard time with this type of squats, don’t worry, you’re not alone. And in this post, you’ll find out some of the best barbell squat alternatives to turn to in that case

Barbell Squats Overview

These squats come in two main types, the high bar squat and the low bar squat. And while it is highly debated which is the most optimal of the two, both of them achieve the same objective.

Squats work every major muscle in the lower body, with the form getting better with the addition of weight on the bar, leading to even more form in turn. This makes squats a perfect exercise for sportsmen and women across the spectrum, as well as those looking to lose body fat.

barbell squat scr2.jpg

So, how should you do barbell squats the right way?

To get the best out of these squats and avoid any possible injuries or unnecessary strain to different joints or muscles, you need to follow the following checklist. 

●            Take the right stance

The stance is the most important bit here; start by keeping your core tight, then position your feet at shoulder-width apart. Keep the knees and toes in line, slightly facing outwards at a “ten-to-two” position. At the same time, remember to keep your back as straight as possible.

●            The chest should stay up

Getting your chest up will help keep your back straight, as dropping it will cause your spine to flex, thus bending forwards, which can be risky with the load on your back. To achieve this position through the exercise, take a deep breath as you start lifting and hold the air in as you go down, then exhale when coming up.  

●            Keep your chin high

Your chin needs to stay up to prevent any unhelpful movement of your upper spine, which eventually causes you to hunch forwards. To achieve this, focus on a certain spot in front of you, either on the wall or the horizon. Another “don’t” in this case is staring yourself in the mirror, which could distract you rather than helping you focus.

●            Push your elbows forward

Although it might feel a bit uncomfortable, you need to push the elbows forward before starting the lift to keep a strong position when moving. This helps prevent your shoulders from rotating internally, which could counter your efforts to maintain an upright spine position. Also, it helps engage the lats, which are the big back muscles for better stability of the upper body.

●            Keep heels on the ground

The weight should be primarily on the heels and the mid-foot section, as exerting it on the balls of the feet will put your knees under extra pressure. With tight hamstrings, keeping your heels down might be hard, so work on relaxing and stretching these muscles constantly.

Now, lower your body slowly to have your quads parallel to the ground or a tad lower if possible.

Muscles worked by barbell squats

Primarily, this exercise works the muscles in three parts of your body, which are the abs, the back muscles, and leg muscles. It should be noted that in each of these parts, a variety of muscles are recruited into the exercise, including but not limited to the quads glutes, and hamstrings. This brings about the following benefits among others.

Are these squats worth the effort? What are the perquisites? 

Well, squats pack in a myriad of perks that make them a mainstay among almost all sportsmen and women. In addition to placing a significant strain on the aforementioned muscles, squats also strengthen your joints, tendons as well as ligaments around the knees and hips.

 Besides, daily squats help strengthen your lower body, giving you more endurance in rigorous activities. And there’s more, they could also increase testosterone levels in the body, increasing the amount of blood flow into the pelvic region and improved thrust ability, thus resulting in better sexual performance.

Expert tips on barbell squats

Make the most out of your squat sessions by following these simple yet vital tips that will make your workout worthwhile.

Warm-up enough before getting down to business, this will help your leg muscles to be ready for the lift when you need them.

Go low, just not too low. There’s no a rule-of-thumbs on the depth as far as doing squats, you just need to keep a natural arch of your back and ensure that your knees don’t tuck under to avoid any pressure on your spine, which can easily cause tissue damage as well as back pain.

Getting the right foot position is very crucial; mostly squatting barefoot is the most recommended way to go, but a pair of flat-soled shoes should do. And if your feet are turning outwards, just let them flex to avoid any strain on the knees if you try to push them back inwards.

The Great thing about barbell squats, or any exercise that uses barbells, is you can get a really good a cheap and affordable barbell and still get the job done and subject your body to the pressure it needs, A major reason for that is these barbells are made by the top brands in the barbell industry.

Why you need barbell squats alternative

Great as barbell back squat might be, this exercise is not always the perfect workout at all times. Here are a few reasons to opt for barbell alternatives

If you are a beginner, the best way to go is to prepare your body with other options that are less intensive before you are fit enough to brace the wrath of barbell squats.

These squats can also prove to be tough on your body, more specifically on the lower back and knees, in which case, you might have to switch to a different type of squats.

And if you are recovering from an injury, then you definitely don’t want to expose your already battered joints or muscles to rigorous squats.

Most of the other exercises listed below are also safer if you want a safer exercise, and they significantly relieve the extreme strain on such core areas as quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Barbell Squat Alternatives

If any of the above is the case for you, then one or several of these options should help fill in the need for squats in your workout.

Goblet Squats

These squats are great for beginners as they are easy to exercise and prepare your body for a depth workout. Just start with light loads until you master how to position your spine safely, and in the meantime, you can work on the depth.


●            Start by engaging your core and looking straight ahead.

●            Keep your back neutrally aligned, with your eyes focused on a spot ahead of you.

●            Push back your hips and bend your knees slowly to start the squat.

●            As you go down, inhale hold your breath until you hit the lowest you want to go.

●            Keeping the kettlebell at a constant distance (but close to your body) as you move helps maintain balance.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Also known as Single-Leg Barbell Squat, this one is more of a squat and a lunge where you position one foot in front of your body with the other behind. This keeps your torso in a perpendicular position to the ground, meaning you don’t have to lean forward too much, and thus reducing any strain on the lower back area.   


●            Stand in front of a platform that is about knee-high while holding dumbbells or with a barbell on your back

●            Extend one leg behind until your toes are resting on the bench

●            Lower your body slowly (with your torso upright) by lowering the same side knee towards the ground

●            Reverse to the starting position

Resistance band split squats

The good thing about this squat is that there are many of them to opt for, including banded butterfly squats, resistance band squats using lateral leg lifts, banded squats using loops, classic resistance squats, and even resistance band squats using full arm extensions.

Another awesome side to these squats is that bands are cheap, and you can easily travel with them for on-the-go use. And yes, the resistance bands vary in tension so you can step up the resistance as needed.

Steps for banded squats using loops

●            Start by standing with your feet about hip-width apart, preferably slightly more.

●            Have a  loop or a mini loop depending on your preference above the knees.

●            Move your hips back, assume a sitting position, and bend your knees.

●            Start lowering your body slowly, ensure your thighs are in a parallel position to the ground.

●            Reverse and repeat

Dumbbell Squats

If you don’t have access to the right equipment or sufficient room for barbell squats such as a half rack, or a cage, then dumbbell squats are for you. However, it should be noted that if you are an intermediate lifter, you will outgrow these squats pretty quickly as they won’t have enough weight to add any substance to your exercise.


●            Start with an athletic stance with your feet spread a tad wider than hip-width.

●            Have the dumbbells at your sides.

●            Make sure your back is straight, with the knees slightly behind the toes.

●            Push your hips back and go down until your thighs are in a parallel position to the floor.

●            Stretch hips and knees to reverse out of the squat.

Zercher Squat

These squats are also awesome for relieving stress off your lower back as the bar sits at the midsection of your body rather than up high on your back. This significantly cuts on the force that your spine has to bear.


●            Place the bar below shoulder height in your power rack.

●            Position it in the crooks of your elbows, keeping your arms at 90 degrees

●            Keeping your torso upright, bend your knees and hips to let your glutes stretch backward

●            Now, with your chest tall, lower yourself until your quads are parallel to the ground or slightly lower.

●            By pushing your heels, drive your body forcefully back into the standing position



Squats have been, and still are an indispensable part of any workout, and with any of the barbell squat alternatives mentioned above, you should be set up for a safe, effective, and fun exercise. One thing to keep in mind is that you might outgrow some of these options with time. Therefore, it’s vital to constantly listen to your body to know when it’s time to “amp” up your workout.


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Why Is Protein

Important In Your Diet?


Nutrients are substances that provide nourishment for living organisms. Specifically, people require macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and water to live.

In order to maintain a healthy diet it is important to get enough amounts of each kind of nutritious food. The amounts can vary depending on weight but in general you will want to be getting between 55g-110g per day. This number varies because protein needs vary for children or overweight adults whereas proper fats for someone with heart issues would need a higher quantity than someone with an active lifestyle who doesn't eat red meat and such. 

It's important to consume protein from different sources like meat, fish, eggs, beans and legumes so that you're getting a variety of amino acids for optimal health. Also, you can always take protein bars, maybe some like kirkland protein bars or protein shakes that are also an excellent way to get your daily dose of protein without having to eat large portions or rely on animal products which may not be appropriate for everyone's dietary needs.

This blog will cover the main reasons why protein is important for your diet!


#1 Muscles growth 

We all know that protein is an important part of a healthy diet, but why? Protein provides our bodies with the building blocks to grow and repair cells, including muscles. Without enough protein in your diet, you will experience muscle loss and decreased metabolism. It's important to include high-quality sources of protein into your daily routine as well as incorporate some strength training exercises for best results! 

The cells in muscles are 100 times smaller than blood cells, so it’s easy for them to be depleted of nutrients even though they have twice as many capillaries, or blood vessels. In order to support the buildup of muscle sets in this area, it takes a lot more protein than someone might think (approximately 1g per kilogram).


#2 Cell structure repair 

Protein is an important building block for cells, and it's a major contributing factor to their growth and repair. Proteins are made from amino acids, which in turn come from the food that you eat. 

When proteins are abundant in the body, they maintain growth in tissues, increase production of RNA and DNA for cell reproduction, promote homeostasis and provide a number of other benefits that help to regulate human functions.

Without adequate dietary protein, it would be much harder for a cell to repair itself after injury or have a strong immunity against foreign invaders. This is why you need to make sure you have enough protein so your body can heal from injuries- so that means adhering to a balanced diet with proper amounts of animal products, plant sources such as whole grains and legumes, nuts, seeds etc.


#3 Immunity (nutrients into energy)

Our bodies actually produce over 20,000 different types of protein in order to provide protection all the time. So what we eat is important when it comes to immunity! Protein helps produce white blood cells that will protect your body, also help you combat pneumonia and infection. 

One important cause of the aging process is decreased function of immune cells, which leads to lowered immunity and higher incidences of chronic illnesses. A diet rich in protein can increase the production of immune cells called macrophages.

Additionally, many people believe that eating plenty of meat during a pandemic provides greater protection against contracting the virus, this could be because animal proteins are rich in vitamin C which they use as an antibiotic against bacteria and viruses.


Why is protein important in a keto diet?

Protein is important in the keto diet because your muscles need protein to stay strong and repair themselves after exercise.

When people are restricting carbohydrates, there's a decrease in insulin production which means an increase in glucagon. This is beneficial for some aspects of the diet because glucagon helps burn fats but it's also responsible for releasing protein from muscles so that they can be used as energy sources, potentially leading to muscle loss and decreased strength. Fortunately, consuming higher amounts of protein can contribute to better long-term results on a keto diet by reducing the rate at which lean mass is lost while fat stores are being burned.


So let's conclude, protein is important because it's the major building block of our muscles, hair, nails—pretty much of our tissues. As we age, we start losing protein in our body through diet or injury and if not replaced by eating more protein-rich foods like meat, cheese, dried beans or nuts then things like the hair on your head can thin because you haven't made that new protein to make more cells that make up your hair follicles, for example. 

 Also it helps rebuild your cells and furthermore your immune system will be rocking. So go on and buy those protein bars if you want a fast and simple solution for this “problem”!


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Oils To Cook with for Your Health

Benefit Including CBD Oil


We all use oils and fats in our cooking, some are good for you and others are not. If you didn’t know by now, besides the obvious choices for using Olive Oil or Sunflower Oils in cooking, you can also use CBD Oil when creating some of your recipes. We look at the various oils one can use in the kitchen when whipping up an array of recipes, including the CBD option.

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has been around for centuries and used not only for consumption but also as an addition to beauty routines in many countries and amongst many famous names even in the modern ear such as actresses like Kylie Jenner and Emma Stone, Click here to see what they are saying about it. It is a versatile and healthy fat and has numerous health benefits including adding antioxidants and cancer prevention benefits.

 In the culinary context, it has a low smoke point, which means if heated too hot, it may start to release damaging toxins, so should be warmed up as opposed to heated too hot if you want to reap the benefits of it. However, it is one of the safest oils to use in cooking. It has both phenolic compounds as well as monounsaturated fatty acids which are both good for your heart health as well as in keeping cholesterol levels at the optimal levels.


Coconut Oil

This naturally derived oil from the coconut tree comes in two types, namely the unrefined or virgin ones and the refined ones. The refined option can be used in roasting and sautéing and tastes of coconut but does not have an overpowering taste.

According to research analysis and various studies done on this cooking fat, it has been seen to have a unique composition and is different from other cooking oils and fats. It is rich in Lauric Acid and shows that regular intake of this white liquid helps with blood circulation and minimizes the risk of heart diseases. It has been seen to increase the good cholesterol levels in the body as opposed to something such as butter, for instance: Check this out 

It has also been evidence of weight loss in some studies, and women who were put on studies showed a significant difference in overall obesity rates and belly fat, this may be due to its appetite suppressing abilities.



When CBD first came out, not many people knew that it can also be used in the kitchen to enhance your culinary abilities and the taste of food. This chemical component, that is found in the cannabis plant has benefits on an array of health conditions and emotional aspects such as mood-enhancing advantages and can help reduce anxiety and stress as well as help relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation, furthermore, it has been researched in studies related to cancer prevention.

When adding it to recipes there are a few aspects to consider.

  • Always use CBD oil that is of the highest quality, like the one from Cheef, and from a reputable brand to make sure you harness all the benefits. This also includes buying one that has a THC level of less than 0.3%.
  • When storing it, always make sure it is kept in a cool dry place such as a kitchen cupboard, as any alternate temperatures such as warmth may change the molecular structure.
  • To enhance its beneficial properties, use another oil with it, such as butter or canola oils.
  • If you haven't used it before, it is advisable to start with a small amount and then increase it over the next few weeks. This will help your body to adapt to the new substance in your and your families’ bodies.
  • Heating it directly, like adding it to a pot on a stove, is not the best way to use it. Instead add it to dishes such as salads, pancake batter, stews and soups after you have finished cooking them, as a top-up and flavour enhancer. If you heat it, it decreases its effectiveness.

You can use it for both food and drinks such as adding a few drops to tea, and smoothies or juices. Why not try your hand at a latte and add a few drops of it into this in the mornings to give you a pick me up and increase focus for the rest of the day?


Avocado Oil

Known as a ‘heart-healthy’ option by many nutritionists, this is one fruit that is packed full of health benefits. We add it to our salads, mush it on top of our toast and even eat it directly with some lemon and salt. So why not add it to our cooking?

Avocado oil is not being sold in stores in a liquid form and can be used in almost all dishes. It has healthy monounsaturated fats such as oleic acid and helps enhance other flavours when added together although it is always best to use the refined version, which does not have any additives and is mostly purely extracted.

Not only does it enhance the taste of different foods but also help you to absorb the vitamins of other items on your plate.

We hope the above guide to cooking with certain healthy oils helps add some adventure to your kitchen routine the next time you decide to make dinner for your friends and family.

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7 Ways To Motivate

Yourself To Work Out

10 motivation scr3.jpg

A regular workout is one of the best things you can do for your body. While starting a routine is easy, sticking to it for a longer period of time may be much more challenging. Sometimes we are too exhausted or just lack motivation to get up and start exercising. You probably want to do it, but you keep telling yourself that you can work out an hour later, and you get to the point when you have to go to sleep, or you have other duties to take care of.

If it sounds familiar to you, you may want to keep reading. In this article, you can learn about the seven most efficient ways to motivate yourself to work out regularly. It’s not actually that hard! You just have to find activities you like, solve your excuses, or get a partner. Read on for more information!


1.  Make Workout a Part of Your Daily Schedule

This advice is very simple, yet it’s one of the most effective ones. Just make a habit of working out - if you do it regularly, you will be much more likely to continue it. You can set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Try to work out at the same time every day, and try to find ways to make your workouts shorter, so you have enough energy left to do other things in your schedule.

You don’t have to do heavy-lifting, but you can start with something easy like cardio exercises to improve your strength and stamina.


2.  Find a Workout Buddy

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to work out is to have a colleague, friend, or family member who is as dedicated to exercise as you are. If you don’t have anyone like that, you can always join a local gym, where you can meet other people with similar interests. Having someone there to push you or make sure you won’t skip your training will help you stay motivated.


3.  Make It Fun

A great way to keep up your motivation is by finding fun activities to do. Choose an exercise that you really enjoy - if you start doing something you don’t like, you are likely to quit it sooner or later. You can go swimming, play tennis, practice yoga, or follow dance classes. You can even combine two activities you like - for example, jogging and swimming. You can also visit this website to read quotes about famous sportsmen and their struggles in professional sports careers. 


4.  Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

A great way to keep yourself motivated is by setting goals for yourself and achieving them. If you see that your diet plan works and the weight starts going down, it will be much easier for you to continue it. You will also be motivated if you see that your body is getting stronger and your stamina improves after working out regularly. Just write down your goal and make a plan on how to achieve it.


5.  Avoid Negative Thinking

It’s easy to be discouraged during the day, but this can really affect your workout routine. If you get into a negative mindset during your training session, it will be much harder for you to get back into the mood and continue what you started. It’s important to notice when you start thinking negatively and try to change that thought to something more positive. Also, try not to think about anything else during your training session - focus on the activity only.


6.  Wake Up Earlier

Another way of keeping yourself motivated is waking up earlier than usual. It may sound hard, but waking up early is actually a great way of starting your day off right - you wake up feeling energized and ready for the day ahead of you. Try waking up at 6 am and see how much positive difference it makes. This way, when you wake up early in the morning, you can fit in an hour of exercising before starting your day.


7.  Focus on the Benefits

When you start working out, it’s easy to get distracted by all kinds of thoughts and emotions - especially if you’re doing it for the first time in a long time. A great way to get back into the whole process is by focusing on how good it feels afterward. What does your body feel like after each workout? Does it get stronger? Does it get more toned? Does it get more flexible? The more reasons you can find why working out feels so good, the better.



Working out requires a lot of motivation and determination. Establishing a new habit always takes some time and effort; it can be even harder to focus on your goal and keep attending the gym. However, following our tips, you will find encouragement in making yourself better.

The last tip would be to do something fun after your workout to reward your hard work. You can go to a cafe with your friends or have a smoothie at the gym. This will help you feel good about yourself and give you an extra boost of energy.

It’s important to reward yourself when you’re trying to achieve some goals. A great way of doing this is by treating yourself with something that makes you happy so it will keep you on the way towards your goals. 


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Home Fitness

Area Ideas


Do you love working out but hate the monthly fees, or you hate the thought of going to the gym? No problem. You can create your fitness area at home where you will work on your fitness goals without the hassle of visiting a gym. 

The advantage of having your fitness area is that you can customize it the way you want, from simple to stylish workout rooms with the latest fitness equipment to help you get better results. Home fitness areas can be of great convenience. However, getting a perfect design that suits your personal preferences can be an enormous challenge. Below are some ideas you can incorporate to create the ultimate fitness area.


Experiment with your favorite colors

Since you want the fitness area to be your sanctuary where you get fit, you can experiment with your favorite colors on the walls. Don’t make the room dull, as it can demotivate you during your workouts. Keep the room bright and also include some funky designs on your wall. If you do not want to paint it, you can have beautiful wallpaper installed. Another way to add more style to your fitness area is to use a barn door with barn door hardware and paint your favorite color. A beautiful wall design coupled with a stylish barn door will give you that perfect uniqueness you want.


Install rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is essential in every fitness area, especially if there is heavy equipment inside. When the equipment falls on your regular floor, it may get damaged. Rubber flooring helps to prevent floor damage, and it is inexpensive and easy to install. Rubber floors can also help in reducing the noise made when setting down the weights or running on a treadmill.


Invest in a good television

Television is a great idea when you want to follow workout DVDs or watch your preferred programs while exercising on the treadmill or lifting the dumbbells. The TV will be your mode of entertainment, and it will also give you the motivation to work out longer since you are occupied with something else during your exercise.


Wall art

Simple plain walls are fine, but they can be dull in a fitness area. Hang creative art with inspirational quotes to keep you motivated while working towards your fitness goals. You can also use décor with sporty accessories and equipment, for instance, skateboards. Another way to add décor to your sanctuary is to hang a punching bag, which will double as a fitness accessory if you love boxing. If you have some medals, jerseys, ribbons, or posters, you can use them to brighten your fitness area and a way to give you that extra kick of motivation when working out.


Install a sound system

What is a workout without wonderful music? A sound system is a must-buy for your fitness area. Even commercial gyms have good systems for clients to enjoy some wonderful music while working out. Whether you install some speakers on a corner in your home gym or use Bluetooth, a sound system is an excellent idea to keep you entertained.


Add a ceiling fan

While working out, you may feel an increase in temperature, and a ceiling fan would be the best and inexpensive way of keeping your workout area cool rather than running your AC at maximum. You can also opt for a wall fan, standing fan, or a rotating fan to keep your fitness area cool.


Add a rock-climbing wall

If you are the adventurous type, you can have a wall specifically designed for rock climbing to help you engage your muscles while at home. This is also a great idea if you have kids to bond over the activity since it is fun. All you need is a set of rock-climbing holds on the walls installed by an expert.


Add games

Your fitness area should also be a place where you can have fun while playing games. Games such as balloon bounce, a deck of cards, fitness bingo, and rolling dice can be a great way to have fun during fitness breaks or have your friends over. They can also help create a perfect way of bonding with your family when you are bored at home.

Having a fitness area in your home is a perfect way of achieving your fitness goals at no cost. The only cost you will incur is buying materials and equipment for the gym, and once you are done with that, you can always enjoy your personal space any time of day. 

Home fitness areas are convenient, and when you customize them to suit your own needs, you can have the ideal place to relax and wind down after a long stressful day as you work on staying fit.


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Blood Type Dieting 101 -

All You Need To Know

The blood type diet is a diet plan that is sometimes used in alternative medicine to help people lose weight and battle disease. Alternative medicine usually seeks to understand a person's biochemical individuality and tailor care to that.  The blood type diet is focused on the idea that your blood type dictates which foods you should eat to maintain your health.

One marker that can potentially be used to assess the correct diet for your health and vitality is the four different blood groups. The diet's theory is that eating foods high in lectins that are incompatible with a person's blood type can lead to health problems like heart disease, kidney disease, or cancer. These arguments, however, are not backed up by empirical evidence.

Foods You Should Eat


For various blood types, the blood type diet emphasizes specific foods and workout programs. The diet emphasizes consuming whole foods and limiting processed foods, regardless of the blood type. Here's a closer look at the regimen that is prescribed:

  • Blood type A: According to this theory, blood type A individuals are predisposed to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Thus they are encouraged to embrace an organic vegetarian diet paired with some calming centering exercise, for example, yoga.
  • Blood type B:  Type B blood is characterized by a strong immune system and a tolerant digestive system, as well as being more adaptable than other blood types. They can indulge in moderate physical activity and balance exercises, as well as eat a "well-rounded" diet. People with type B are more vulnerable to autoimmune diseases like chronic fatigue, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, according to the diet's theory.
  • Blood Type AB: People with type AB blood have a more complex biological makeup than those with other blood types. These people benefit from a combination of type A and B exercises and diets, though meat consumption should be reduced. While this blood type is thought to have fewer allergies, heart disease, cancer, and anemia are all prevalent.
  • Blood type O: According to the blood type diet theory, people with type O blood benefit from vigorous physical activity and animal proteins, whereas dairy and grains can cause problems. Gluten, legumes, corn, and cabbage are all contributors to weight gain in people with this blood type. Asthma, hay fever, and other allergies, as well as arthritis, are all disorders linked to type O.

Valuable Insights

On the blood type diet, there are no meal or fasting times that must be adhered to. The strategy, however, recommends against drinking water or other drinks with meals because it dilutes natural digestive enzymes and makes food digestion more difficult.

  • People with blood type A, also known as the "cultivator," can eat a mostly vegetarian, dairy-free diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.
  • People with blood type B, also known as "the nomad," can eat a wide variety of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy. However, they should avoid nuts and seeds.
  • People with blood type AB, also known as "the enigma," can eat any food that is prescribed for blood types A and B. However, a vegan diet is prescribed for this type.
  • People with blood type O, also known as "the hunter," can eat a dairy-free, grain-free diet that is high in meat, low in grains, and mild in fruits, eggs, nuts, and seeds.


On the blood type diet, no foods are strictly prohibited, although not all foods are helpful to various blood types. Each time you take up a new diet, it is recommended that you ensure the food is stored in appropriate packaging. For instance, if your diet plan has rice recommended in it, it would be recommended that you buy the appropriate bags from the best rice packaging bags manufacturers. The same applies to legumes, milk, eggs, meat, etc.

Highs and Lows Of the Diet


The Highs

Exercise is encouraged by the blood type diet. Regular exercise combined with a nutritious diet has been shown to help people lose weight and maintain their weight. However, there is no evidence that the blood-type diet is a good way to lose weight.

Each blood type diet stresses the importance of selecting whole foods over refined foods as a healthier option. For certain blood groups, the program also has a wide range of compliant foods, which can make it easier to adhere to.

Including the fact that each blood type has its own set of dietary restrictions, the plan is not a low-calorie diet with unhealthy caloric restrictions. Types B and AB diet plans are more well-rounded, and they can include most, if not all, of the nutrients needed for a well-balanced diet. The plans for types A and O, on the other hand, exclude some balanced food categories, which is not a good long-term eating strategy.

The Lows

It's not scientific to eat according to your blood type. A study published in the journal PLoS One in 2014 is among the available studies on the blood type diet. 5 A total of 1,455 people took part in the survey, to determine how much they ate those foods over a month.

Following a diet similar to the diet recommended for blood type A or blood type AB was correlated with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, according to the researchers' review of the questionnaires.


Following a diet similar to that recommended for blood type O was linked to lower triglyceride levels (high levels of this blood fat have been linked with an increased risk of heart disease), whereas the blood type B diet had no such correlation.



Although the blood type diet can have some advantages in some situations, the most successful weight loss technique is widely considered to be a healthy regimen. It should incorporate reasonable calorie restriction with regular exercise. If you're thinking about trying this diet plan for weight loss or general health, consult a registered dietitian doctor or a medical doctor first.

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How To Create Simple and

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

If you want to create a weight loss plan, it doesn’t necessarily mean you just need to get slimmer. Managing your weight can also greatly benefit you if you would like to improve your health and well-being. Moreover, a well-planned weight loss diet is absolutely essential in the case of various health conditions such as diabetes.

So, how can you devise your plan that would be both effective and simple? There are numerous recommendations and suggestions from many sources. It’s very easy to get lost in them. Here, you will find out how to tailor your weight loss plan according to your needs and preferences.

beginners calisthenics scr2.jpg

Step 1 – Set Your Goals

You should set your own weight loss goals based on your needs and preferences. It is essential to know what results you want to achieve before you can start planning. The goal you have in mind can be anything from losing a certain amount of pounds to reaching a specific dress size. Only after setting your goals can you decide whether you want to emphasize losing pounds or toning your muscles.

If you are unsure what realistic goals you can achieve, you can contact some of your fitness-oriented friends or personal trainers. Whether you live in Scottsdale, AZ, or elsewhere in the world, you are bound to find some people willing to help you achieve the body shape you want.

You may also want to set a time frame for your goals. In the case of weight loss, it is best to have a plan that will lead to long-term results. If you want to lose ten pounds in a month, you might experience the yo-yo effect and gain them back pretty soon. However, if you set a plan that will help you lose one or two pounds per week, then you might get better results in the long run.


Step 2 – Determine Your Dietary Needs

Your dietary needs should also be taken into account when creating a weight loss plan. First of all, you should start by calculating the daily calorie intake for yourself. This number determines the amount of food intake that can help you meet your goals. You can do this by using a calorie calculator or an online app for it.

There are many sources of information on how to reduce calories in your diet. You can start by choosing foods with fewer calories. For example, you can begin eating lean meat instead of fatty beef or opt for whole-grain bread instead of white one. Such changes will help you reduce the calorie intake without making you feel deprived of good foods.


Step 3 – Start Keeping Track Of Your Weight Loss Results

Another important step towards successful weight loss is keeping track of your progress. This step helps you determine whether your weight loss plan is working for you.

You can keep track of your progress with the use of an app or by weighing yourself regularly. Additionally, you can take pictures of yourself from time to time to see whether your body shape has changed. It’s also good to monitor your health. You can easily do it by visiting a doctor. They will help you determine if everything is going as planned or not.


Step 4 – Changes Might Be Needed

As you lose weight, it’s possible that your body will change and go through different stages of development. Thus, your weight loss plan may need some changes over time.

For instance, you might need to make adjustments in the number of calories you eat daily in order to maintain your progress in weight loss and achieve your goals. By adjusting your weight loss plan to your body needs, you will reach the results that will be beneficial for your body and health as well as your goals and expectations in life.


Step 5 – Stay Motivated

Weight loss can be challenging, especially when you do not see the results you want right away. You should constantly remind yourself why you want to lose weight and how changes can improve your life. It’s also good to have a workout buddy. This way, you will be more inclined to go to the gym and take care of your health.


Step 6 – Maintain Your Weight Loss Plan

Once you’ve lost the desired amount of weight, it’s essential to maintain your efforts to keep that weight off. You can do this by sticking to your diet plan and exercising regularly. Moreover, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your weight from time to time. This practice will help you determine whether you are still on the right track.

If you notice that your weight starts to increase even slightly, then you might want to make some changes to your weight loss plan. By maintaining a healthy weight, you will enjoy better health and live a longer life without health conditions caused by being overweight.


Step 7 – Be Responsible For Your Health

As you create your weight loss plan, it’s important to remember that it all comes down to being responsible for your health. You must understand that there are always things that you can do to improve your life and maintain your health. It’s up to you whether you want to do this or not.

While it’s easy to blame other people or circumstances, it’s much more productive and beneficial if you focus on yourself and take responsibility for your well-being.



In conclusion, to create a good weight loss plan, you need to consider several factors. You should determine your goals and needs, figure out the correct number of calories you need to eat, and keep track of your progress.

Moreover, you need to stay motivated and understand that you are the person responsible for your health. This way, you will be able to achieve your goals and make your weight loss plan work for you.

Remember about our tips, and losing weight might become more straightforward for you than you can imagine. Good luck!


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Importance of Sleep

to Your Health

good nights sleep scr2.jpg


Just like eating and exercising is important to the body, so is sleep. After a whole day working, a good night's sleep is crucial. Sleep helps your body feel refreshed and recharged every time you wake up. Sleep also helps your body remain healthy and kicks out diseases. Did you know that the brain cannot function properly if you have not had enough sleep? The article below will show you the benefits sleep have on your body.

Benefits of sleep

Here are reasons why good sleep is important.

High body weight

Poor sleep is linked with high body weight gain. People who don't get enough sleep gain more weight than those who get enough sleep. Short sleep patterns also bring about obesity. The effect of sleep on weight gain results from many factors such as hormones and lack of proper exercises. If you get the best king mattress, some of your sleep issues might be over.

Good sleepers eat few calories

Studies have shown that people who experience trouble with sleep tend to have an increased appetite and eat more. Sleep deprivation is associated with a high appetite increase that results in obesity.

Improve productivity and concentration

As seen above, sleep is important for the brain to function properly. Good sleep improves concentration, productivity, and performance. When your brain is refreshed, it can function properly with ease. Good sleep has been shown to improve trouble solving skills in both children and adults.

Maximize athletic performance

Good sleep and enough sleep can maximize performance in people in athletics. A study on basketball players has shown that longer periods of sleep increased their speed, mental well-being, reaction time, and accuracy.

In older women, less sleep duration has been linked to poor exercise performance and functional limitation.

Greater risk of stroke and heart diseases

Sleep duration and quality have major effects on your health. Some of the factors pose a greater risk to your health, like stroke and chronic diseases like heart diseases.

People who sleep for seven to eight hours are less likely to experience heart diseases than those who don't get enough sleep.


Lack of enough sleep is linked to depression. Those people who don't get enough sleep tend to use the time to think about many things concerning their lives—lack of sleep can result in depression. When one is depressed, suicidal thoughts are likely to pop out. It is advisable to have enough sleep to avoid getting to depression.

If you are having trouble sleeping, it is advisable to seek help from a professional like a doctor and solve it. Parents can sleep train their children to have a night of quality sleep for good health.

Enough sleep improves how the immune system works

Bad sleep habits have been shown to lower how your immune system works. A low immune system results in high chances of getting diseases like flu, heart diseases, and diabetes, among other diseases. Study shows that people who sleep for less than seven hours are three times more likely to develop a cold than those who sleep for eight hours plus.

Poor emotions and social interactions

Lack of enough sleep decreases your ability to interact socially. These tests and studies used emotional facial recognition tests. When you have not had enough sleep, you tend to be grumpy and, most of the time, angry.

According to research, poor sleeping habits can affect how you process emotions like anger and happiness.

These are just some of the benefits enough sleep has on your body. If you need your body to function properly, then spare enough time for that sleep you need so much.

Healthy lifestyle and sleeping habits you can implement

If you have trouble having a good night's sleep, then these lifestyle habits will help.

  • Have a bedtime routine that you will strictly follow even on weekends
  • Have a comfortable sleep environment like good mattress and pillows
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and large meals when you are going to bed
  • Exercise during the day, so your body can be relaxed when it is time for bed
  • If possible, take a shower before going to bed for your body to relax

These are some of the habits you can implement every day to have a healthy sleep pattern.

As you have seen above, sleep is very important for your body and brain to function well. On average, an adult should sleep for roughly seven to eight hours for proper health.

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