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Annie Cooper

annie cooper scr10.jpg

How/when did you get started in training
and living a fit lifestyle?

I’ve played just about every sport possible, so ever since I was little I have been very active in my everyday life. I’ve always looked up to fitness models and admired the toned and muscular shape. One day in a high school digital design class, we had to Photoshop our heads on a fitness body. I saw myself like that and thought, “why can’t I look like that?”. There was no reason why I couldn’t. I began to research on this very website and made a plan of action on how to achieve that look. Let me tell you… Hardwork wins every time.

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Along your fitness journey have you ever felt like quitting, if so what motivates/motivated
you to keep going?

Yes. Every day I think what would happen if I skipped my cardio or lifting session just this once, or had a small cheat meal. I then think of how I would feel if I just did it. I know that discipline is what is needed to achieve results. Results are what keep me going, and discipline is what you have to have.

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What advice would you give to a complete novice, someone who is out of shape and doesn't know where to start?

I think that most people don’t try because they do not know how. A lot of people are afraid of failure which is why they don’t take the first step. Ask around and do your research. Gain knowledge of what you are about to do simply by google or watching YouTube videos and then try it!

annie cooper scr3.jpg

Do you have a favourite healthy recipe?

YES! Protein pancakes/waffles are my all time favorite. The recipe is very simple and low calorie.

  • 2 tbsp. ground flax meal
  • 1⁄2 cup egg whites

  • 1 tbsp canned pumpkin
1⁄4 scoop protein powder

  • 1 packet stevia to sweeten
  • Blend and cook!

annie cooper scr4.jpg

What does your nutrition consist of?

I now use IIFYM in my diet.  I like to keep variety in my meals.  When getting ready for competitions I will usually rely on lots of beef, chicken, eggs, and fish for protein. My carb sources are mainly fruit, bread/wraps, rice, oats, and potatoes. Some of my fats come from cheese, nuts, avocados, flax meal, and eggs. I love combat bars and beef jerky so I will have those to snack on during the week.

annie cooper scr5.jpg

Do you have cravings for junk foods,... foods that will hinder your progress? 
If so, how do you
 deal with these cravings?

I actually crave healthy foods for the most part. Ever since I was a baby my mom would feed me protein shakes. Our family dinners had lots of fish, brown rice, quinoa, veggie stir frys, and other healthy options, so I am used to eating healthy meals.  I have little tricks to help with cravings such as drinking flavored water or diet soda, and also making little 20cal chocolate balls to snack on when I am hungry. They’re basically just Hershey's cocoa, stevia, and water mixed and frozen.  Yum!

annie cooper scr6.jpg

Do you listen to music whilst you train?

Of course! You have to have music! Some of my Pandora playlists are Big Sean, Sublime, Disclosure, Deorro, Drake, Notorious B.I.G, and Daft Punk. I like to keep it upbeat.

annie cooper scr7.jpg

What types of cardio have worked best for you?

I ran Track And Field and Cross Country for 8 years and in college, so honestly I think running is the best form of cardio, especially sprints. However, I switch around with the stairmaster, elliptical, and bike.

annie cooper scr8.jpg

What is your training routine like?

I have 1 day of shoulders, 1 day of back and arms, 2 leg days, and 1 day of abs and calves and HIIT cardio. I stick with 3-4 sets and anywhere from 8-20 reps haha. My reps are based on the weight I choose to do. I really like to switch things around and challenge myself. I always make sure to give myself 1-2 rest days. If I only take 1 rest day, then I will do just cardio on the other day. My cardio varies as I get closer to a competition. Right now I am 3 weeks away and doing 6 days of cardio. Most of my cardio at the moment is steady state.

annie cooper scr9.jpg

Who are your favourite, athletes or fitness models?

I really look up to Ashley Kaltwaser. I have been told that my body looks similar to hers in some ways, which is amazing to me because she is someone that I admire.  Some other favorite athletes of mine are Nathalia Melo, and Amanda Latona.

annie cooper scr11.jpg

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

The only supplements that I recommend are a good tasting whey protein, BCAS/Glutamine, and preworkout when you need it.  I use prime nutrition BCAS and Glutamine. Blackstone Labs have amazing protein and preworkout.  The preworkout is called Dust and is the perfect solution to a killer workout.  Daily vitamins are essential for overall health as well.

When you look back what do you think has been the key to achieving your results?

I know everyone has heard this before but CONSISTENCY. Create a vision of a goal that you have. Think of every way possible that you can get there and be consistent. Yes, it takes some trial and error but even that you must be consistent with.

Annie Cooper

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 132
.5 lbs
Location: Boca Raton, FL

Instagram: @tuneintofitness

Posted 04 September 2015 by Tyler Andrew

Eat For Purpose

Or For Pleasure?

Eating for purpose pleasure scr3.jpg

You feel great. You’re on top of the world. The adrenaline high and post euphoric sensations are encompassing your body to the maximal degree.  You check your phone and see it has exploded with notifications once again. You have a good friend in town that wants to go out for lunch, it’s doughnut day at work, and you have a voicemail from your mom reminding you it’s Grandma’s birthday today and to come over tonight for cake and coffee. 

We spend so much time devoted to working out.  We buy nice clothes that are comfortable Eating for purpose pleasure q1.pngand have the latest sweat resistance and cooling technology.  We create playlists with our favorite music that will carry us through that tough cardio session.  We fight the crowds at the gym to get our favorite machine.  All for what? A morning stuffing our face with doughnuts, followed by a 1500 calorie lunch at Quodoba, and topped off with a nightcap of sugary cake and fatty ice cream. 

Eating for purpose pleasure scr1.jpg

To be healthy and fit, we need to exercise, we need to sleep, and we need nutrition.  What we put in our bodies will have a direct impact on how we look and feel.  The biggest challenge with a healthy lifestyle may certainly be the nutrition part.  Our society is big on eating.  People take pride in the food they cook and the deserts they bake.  It almost feels like an insult when food is turned down.  We can eat for purpose and eat for pleasure, but don’t feel obligated to eat something simply to please someone else.  It is your body and saying “no thank you” is not selfish. 

Eating for purpose pleasure scr2.jpg

Many people that are on a structured nutrition plan will have scheduled “reward” meals every so often.  Some may choose to indulge on that reward during a given social event and get back on track thereafter.  However, some people work the best with a set routine.  Finding a creative and polite way to deal with the daily challenges of nutrition can often be tricky. 

Eating for purpose pleasure scr4.jpg

Here are a few ideas on how you can stay on track with your nutritional success. 

Situation Suggestion
Friend wants to go out for lunch.  Choose a place where you can order a healthy meal, or rather than lunch, suggest afternoon coffee. 
HR is going throughout the office giving everyone a doughnut.  Just take the doughnut.  Put it in a place out of sight and get back to work.  It will be stale come 5 o’clock.
Family gathering where cake is being served. Thankfully decline. If an explanation is necessary, the sugar in cake will have you bouncing off the walls and you need to get to bed early tonight. 
The mother of all food pushers just won’t take no for an answer.  Repeat yourself in expressing her kindness, but stand your ground.  If she really must have you take the food, ask for a Tupperware so you can bring it home. 


Written By Tyler Andrew

Instagram @steelcatwinner

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Nelson Lopes

Nelson Lopes scr1.jpg

How and when did you start training?

When I was 12 years old my father introduced me.

What motivates you to keep going?

My ambition and other people's compliments are great motivators.

Nelson Lopes scr2.jpg

What advice would you give to a complete novice, someone who is out of shape and doesn't know where to start?

Be patient and stay driven. This may sound common but it's the way it is.

Nelson Lopes scr3.jpg

Do you follow any particular nutritional protocol like IIFYM,intermittent-fasting, carb-cycling, paleo etc?

I like ketogenic and carb cycling.

Do you listen to music whilst training?

I listen to hip hop music mainly. No particular artist. I like deep house as well.

Nelson Lopes scr4.jpg

What are you most proud of?

My social skills and how easy I find it to meet new people and make new friends.

Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

I stay as lean as I can all year around.

Nelson Lopes scr5.jpg

What is your training routine like?

I like to mix heavy weight and high intensity training style with super sets pyramids drop sets etc as an example: squat for 6 reps, leg curl for 20 reps and straight away squat jumps body weight 20 reps or failure.

In terms of cardio I love HIIT on the bicycle 2 to 4 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes.

Usually I train 4 to 6 times depending on if I want to drop weight or not. If yes, then I increase the intensity of my cardio.

Nelson Lopes scr6.jpg

Who are your favourite athletes, bodybuilders or fitness models?

Lou Ferrigno and Kai Greene.

Nelson Lopes scr7.jpg

What supplements do you use if any?

Whey protein, Bcaas mainly and pre workout sometimes.

Nelson Lopes scr8.jpg

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting to get CutAndJacked?

1. Eat clean

2. Train hard

3. Be patient

Nelson Lopes

Born: 25/6/1984

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Gym Jewellery

Posted 30 August 2015 by Tyler Andrew

How Many Reps

Should You Do?

how many reps scr2.jpg

Can You do Another?

Question: When is your set complete?
Answer: When I complete my reps.

Question: How many reps do you do?
Answer: 10-12. 

This type of dialogue is fine if your weight training workouts are intended for you to get out and move around.  Moving is good, it keeps us limber, gives us energy, and aids in many daily body functions. 

Let’s try this again…

Question: When is your set complete?
Answer: When I reach failure. 

Question: How many reps do you do?
Answer: As many as I can. 

This type of dialogue comes from someone that has the mindset of not just doing, or going through the motions to get through the workout, but the mindset of winning.  Weight training can be an uplifting experience (no pun intended) if we set ourselves up for winning.  There needs to be a constant voice in your mind that is asking, “Can I do one more?” If the answer is yes, then lift it again.  Once the lift begins to get more difficult, keep asking yourself that question after each rep.  You will know if the answer is yes or no, so be true to yourself and keep pushing. 

how many reps scr3.jpg

It’s easy to become comfortable in our routines.  We follow our program, do our 10 reps of the first set, put the weights down, and fill the time until we do our next set.  If you really want to benefit from the work you’re doing, set yourself up for some wins, and improve the results you’re after for weight training in the first place, you need to step out of your comfort zone and dig deep. 

how many reps scr1.jpg

We need to be persistent yet patient.  Keep track of every lift, how much weight you move, how many reps of each set you complete.  Set a goal to move up somewhere. Maybe it’s heavier weight on all of the sets, or just one.  Maybe it’s an extra rep on one of the sets.  If I’m working in a 4-6 rep range, I will increase the weight if I can complete 7 reps.  I will choose the smallest weight increase possible and will probably be in the lower end of the rep scheme with the increased weight.  At that point, my focus over the next few training sessions will be increasing the reps until I can jump weight again.  Now, if I’m working in the 10-12 rep range and I bust out 14 reps on the first set, I’ll increase the weight immediately and give it my all once again. 

Building muscle is challenging, and it won’t come without some hard work, but we can do it.  Believe in yourself and continually strive for that extra rep.  It’s this small extra push that will make a big difference in how you feel, look, and perceive yourself.  The self-reward is like no other and you’ll never regret the hard work.

Written By Tyler Andrew

Instagram @steelcatwinner

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Robert Sharpe

Robert Sharpe scr1.jpg

How and when did you start training?

From an early age it was nothing but football and boxing for me, it wasn’t until I left school I started to shift the weights around in the gym... ha definitely not in the way I do now but it was a start. Only in the last 4 years have I really gone deep into the science and training properly.

What motivates you to keep going?

My motivation lies in my passion, as health & fitness is a hobby, career and a lifestyle for me. After coming first place in Las Vegas to win my pro card I’m even more determined to take part in the pro show next year and compete against the worlds best, it doesn’t get any more motivating than that.

Robert Sharpe scr2.jpg

What advice would you give to a complete novice, someone who is out of shape and doesn't know where to start?

I would simply do your homework and find the best coach for what your goals require. Everyone needs a coach and a good coach is priceless, it will save you so much time and money in the long run. Get it right first time!

Do you follow any particular nutritional protocol like IIFYM, intermittent-fasting, carb-cycling, paleo etc?

During my last show I carb-cycled using a high, moderate and a low day kcal protocol. I am a huge fan and a flexible dieter as it works best for me and I can maintain an optimal lifestyle so I account for things that most people call normal food lol, I get bored very easily so I like to mix my meals up as often as possible but keeping to my macro ratios.

Robert Sharpe scr3.jpg

Do you listen to music whilst training?

I actually cannot train without music blasting in my ears; I recently bought the Bose wireless headset, which is tremendous. My playlist is very mixed. Sometimes I like to listen to techno house, the Defected podcast is pretty decent and then I like to listen to something with a bit of attitude maybe a bit of Drake, Nas, J Cole and also liking Kendrick Lamar right now.

What are you most proud of?

I’m grateful for the people around me right now who support what I do and have a great bunch of clients that I’m highly proud off and things are only going to get better this year.

Robert Sharpe scr4.jpg

Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

I bulk and cut yes as if you want to bring something better each year you need to put yourself in a calorie surplus, get stronger, recover and grow. When I say bulk though I plan on staying around the 10% body fat mark and putting on some good density to my body until I compete next year as a pro.

Robert Sharpe scr6.jpg

What is your training routine like?

I am a bit of a high volume junkie and love chasing the burn; I like to keep progressing on my form and the quality of my technique and executing each exercise to its full potential. This is a plan 6 weeks from my last show. Muscle groups done morning and evening (AM and PM timings)

Monday: AM - Chest. Low reps 6-8 Monday
PM - Chest & Shoulders high reps 12-15

Tuesday: AM- Hamstrings, glutes 6-8 reps
PM hams, glutes 12-15reps

Wednesday: AM- back an arms with a mixture of intensity and volume

Thursday: – Rest which would be cardio

Friday: AM - Quads 6-8 reps PM - Quads 12-15 reps finished with close footed walking lunges for 3 sets 50 reps. horrible!

Saturday: - Shoulders, chest concentrating on volume 12-15 reps

Sunday: - AM – Back 6-8 reps
PM - Back biceps 12-15 reps

Robert Sharpe scr5.jpg

Who are your favorite athletes, bodybuilders
or fitness models?

In terms of motivation and success Rob Riches was the first guy I really thought, yes this guy loves what he does. There are so many men/women I admire who love the game.

What supplements do you use if any?

From an early age I have mainly used Optimum nutrition and stuck with it.

  • Whey protein from ON  
  • Magnesium and zinc before bed
  • Good fish oil
  • Amino energy from ON
  • Probiotic tablet (for gut health)
  • Vitamin D With a good multivitamin
  • Laucine around my workout

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting
to get CutAndJacked?

1. Make your journey a lifestyle.
2. Be consistent and persistent.
3. Hire a good quality coach.

Robert Sharpe

Year of birth: 23/5/86
Height: 5ft 11inch
Weight: stage weight 85kg up to 95kg
Location: Living in Dubai
Instagram: rjs_fitness
Facebook page: rjs_fitness

Posted 24 August 2015 by Alyx Ulbrich WBFF Pro Fitness Ironman Triathlete, UltraRunner

Maintaining A Stage

Ready Body Year-Round

stage ready year round scr1.jpg

Many people ask me a few consistent questions.  One, what does it take to look like you? And two, can you look this way year around?

Personally I think the average Joe or Jane can not only “look like me” but excel to much higher levels. Each person has a unique genetic makeup of what they are capable of achieving, and without berating myself, my genetics are the bottom of the barrel for the stage ready year round q1.pngbodybuilding industry. I am lanky, with high estrogen, and tend to get the “stringy” muscle. I do look fairly similar year around fluctuating about ten pounds from stage day to off season. The small changes I notice, mostly the absence of abs, and growth of glutes in the off season and the re-appearance of abs with the sad deflation of glutes on stage, are minor changes not noticed by the untrained eye.

The problem of extreme weight fluctuation in size in the fitness industry is a side effect of unhealthy dietary patterns, eating disorder behaviors, and all around tell tale trails of “extra curricular supplementation”. People who are fitness professionals should sell an attainable image. What I mean by that is, if your favorite fitness pro doesn’t look like their social media self in person, then even they haven't found a balance of the right “off” and “in” season dietary and workout programs for themselves. Proceed to following their advice with caution.

stage ready year round scr2.jpg

Some tips to maintaining a Stage Ready or Shoot Ready body 365.

  1. While a scale isn’t everything - hop on one weekly, at the same time and place in the day ideally nude first thing in the morning. Pay attention to weight gain over 10% of your total body mass, i.e. If a female weighs 135 on stage, she should “keep an eye” on weight gain above 148.  
  2. Maintain basic healthy behaviors year around. The American Heart Health association changes their recommendation annually, but a good heart healthy base is to maintain 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity 5 days a week. Get active and stay active. An object in motion stays in motion, if you don’t get out of the gym habit, ramping up training in season is far safer and easier, plus you’ll have a healthier, leaner body that performs and responds quicker!
  3. Stay hydrated, so often competitors step off the stage set down the water jug and pick up a diet soda. While occasional indulgences are acceptable. Remember the basic health needs. Consume simple plain water to skip out on junk calories and save those splurges for grandmas cooking!
  4. Stay accountable, having an offseason coach is sometimes more crucial than a show prep coach. Find someone that can challenge you to stay motivated, consistent, healthy, and realistic.
  5. Eat your veggies, just like the water it's easy to “forget” the basics, but subbing out snack foods and junk with simple green veggies is a great way to maintain a healthy waistline, and stay close to show ready.
  6. Take photos, weekly photos are a good way to keep an eye on shape, progress or backtracking as well as a good reminder to turn down that mixed beverage at a weekend get together.
  7. Maintain long term goals. Who do you want to be? What are your one and three month goals, but what also are your three and five year goals? Write them down somewhere you look daily.
  8. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember fitness is a life long endeavor, don't be discouraged by slow progress, if you track and log everything, workouts, meals, measurements… You will see slow but consistent changes even if specific areas of progress seem to be at a standstill. If you are extremely detailed in logs, you may begin to find patterns that will help you adjust your training to receive fast results.

stage ready year round scr3.jpg

Staying fit year round requires unwavering focus, drive, determination, and work. Don't fool yourself into thinking a chiseled body comes easily to anyone. It is manageable, it is doable, and it will require constant work.

Written By Alyx Ulbrich WBFF Pro Fitness Ironman Triathlete, UltraRunner
IG & SNAPCHAT @alyxulbrich

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Video Motivation:

Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry posters available at:

stay hungry video scr1.jpg

Posted 15 August 2015 by Su Farrell

Muscle Shaming Is Ok

But Fat Shaming Isnt?

There has been an image circulating on social media lately showing a picture of Dana Linn Bailey next to a picture of an obese woman with the caption “Why is it ok to call DLB gross but the obese woman is a free choice and a crime and bullying to call gross?”

muscle shaming scr1.jpg

This got me thinking. Why is it ok to shame someone who has worked hard for his or her body, but shaming someone who is obese is considered heinous behaviour?
For me, walking down the street wearing a vest gets me numerous stares and many muscle shaming q1.pngcomments said with the intent of me hearing them. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the stares, I’m used to it. If I minded I would probably attempt to cover up. But I worked hard to get arms and shoulders like I have, so why wouldn’t I want to show them off? I’m proud of my body. But does this make it ok for people to comment on the way I look so vocally in public? I don’t think so. Where are people’s social boundaries? Would those same people make a comment out loud towards an obese person? No, I’m guessing not.

Add to that the people who will stare and then giggle and whisper to their friend something about me. Do people really think that I won’t notice? I may have muscles but I’m not stupid. And I do have feelings.

muscle shaming scr2.jpg

The one that always gets me is when people will come up to me and without any warning will squeeze my bicep and shout “Wow, you must work out!”. Would they walk up to an obese person, squeeze their arm and state, “Wow, you must eat a lot!”? No. Pretty sure this would result in some kind of lawsuit. But for someone to do that to a highly muscled person, and I’m talking both male and female, is somehow ok. Go figure.

The amount of comments like “You’ve gone too far”, “That’s gross”, “You look like a man” etc that I’ve seen, not just on my pictures but on my fellow athletes pictures is insane. muscle shaming q2b.pngWhat makes someone think it is ok to criticise another human being so openly? And I know there will be some people who will say that by posting a picture we are opening ourselves up for criticism, which may be true, but there really is no need to be hurtful and nasty. I’m pretty sure that an obese person posting a selfie doesn’t get the same hate that a fit person does. People don’t have the nerve to ridicule a fat person via the internet because it’s classed as “wrong” but it seems to be fine to ridicule someone with muscles.

muscle shaming scr3.jpg

This still baffles me.
So whose fault is this? Is it a result of society saying being muscular is not ok, but being obese is? Or is it the individual who just has no idea of how to act in a social setting? Maybe it’s because these days sadly we see more obese people than we do fit people? muscle shaming q3.pngMaybe fit muscular people, especially women, make “normal” people feel uncomfortable. Maybe these people are intimidated by strong looking females and so, in an effort to make them feel better about themselves, they feel the need to put us down. Who knows? In my opinion,  it comes down to the individual having a lack of respect or tact, or both. Either way, it’s not ok. The result of my hard work and sacrifices should not be subject to your ridicule or a source of entertainment for you and your friends. Have some respect, or if you can’t manage that, at least have some subtlety. SMH.

Written By Su Farrell

Twitter: @sufarrellfigure

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10 Inspirational

Male Physiques Vol. 4

(In no particular order)

1.  Helmut Strebl

1 Helmut Strebl cutandjacked.jpg


Helmut Strebl

2.  Jeremy Buendia

2 Jeremy Buendia cutandjacked.jpg


Jeremy Buendia

3.  James Alexander Ellis

3 James Alexander Ellis cutandjacked.jpg


James Alexander Ellis

4.  Jaco De Bruyn

4 Jaco de Bruyn cutandjacked.jpg


Jaco De Bruyn

5.  Roody Exantus

5 Roody Exantus cutandjacked.jpg


Roody Exantus

6.  Chul Soon

6 Chul Soon cutandjacked.jpg


Chul Soon

7.  Williams Falade

7 Williams Falade cutandjacked.jpg


Williams Falade

8.  Ben Noy

8 Ben Noy cutandjacked.jpg


Ben Noy

9.  Jacob Sumana

9 Jacob Sumana cutandjacked.jpg


Jacob Sumana

10.  David Kimmerle

10 David Kimmerle cutandjacked.jpg


David Kimmerle


- Volume 1

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gmtees banner 1.jpg

cap-banner horizontal.jpg