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Courtney Dukes

How and when did you start training?

I first picked up weights in 8th grade, because I didn't want to get picked on in high school. It wasn't until around 1999 my sophomore year that I really began to take it seriously. I played basketball and we weren't required to do much weight lifting, but I had some good friends on the football team that did lift. I was invited to start working out with them and the iron addiction officially began. In the beginning I was working out in the morning before school and again in the evenings after basketball practice. I just couldn't get enough of the weight room, so I started reading bodybuilding magazines like FLEX to learn as much about nutrition and exercise as I could.

How many days a week do you train
and what is your routine?

Right now I'm using a power lifting routine called Sheiko, if you want to know more about it I encourage you to Google it. Instead I'll talk about my previous routine which gave me really great results and I plan to eventually go back to. I would workout 6 days a week and hit each muscle group twice. Once they would be hit with low reps and high weight (Power) and then the next time they would get hit with high reps and lower weight (hypertrophy). I would use the following rep ranges of 8-12(for Hypertrophy = muscle growth), and 4-6 (for Power= more focus on strength). I would do 3 exercises for the Power muscle group and 4 for the hypertrophy group each workout.

So my split would look like this:

Mon-Chest (Power), Biceps (Hypertrophy), Shoulders (Hypertrophy)

Tue-Back (Power), Triceps (Hypertrophy), Traps (Hypertrophy)

Wed-Quads (Power), Hamstrings (Hypertrophy), Calve (Hypertrophy)

Thur-Biceps (Power), Chest (Hypertrophy), Shoulders (Power)

Friday-Triceps (Power), Back (hypertrophy), Shoulders (Power)

Saturday (Hamstrings (power), Quads (Hypertrophy), Calves (power)

Sunday - Rest

I felt this type of routine give me the best results in both muscle growth/size along with strength/power. However to take on a routine like this you really have to make sure you are getting proper nutrition and sleep or it won't do you much good.

For cardio I would do 3 9-12 min interval (2 mins constant pace, 1 min sprint and repeat) sessions a week on the elliptical. I'm not a big fan of doing cardio and when your diet is in check you really don't have to do much to stay lean. I only add in more cardio when preparing for a show or shoot.

What is your diet when trying to get in peak condition?

Well I pretty much stay lean and in photo ready condition year around, so I always try to keep peak conditioning. The diet I use for this is a carb cycling diet and it looks like this.

Mon-Medium carb, Tue-Low carb, Wed-medium carb, Thur-Low carb, Friday-high carb, and Sat/Sun-no carb (other than green vegetables)

What are the contents of your fridge?

Fridge is a mess right now so I will just list what I typically keep stocked; eggs, chicken, lean ground beef, steak, almond milk, salmon or tilapia, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

What is your favourite cheat meal?

I have a few; pizza, lasagna, chocolate chip cookies, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. (Won't list any more, because I don't want to make it any harder to stay on track for any dieters that are reading this)

How do you managed to stay motivated?

First and foremost I believe motivation has to come from within. If you don't have self-motivation then when things start to get tough you won't be able to over come the challenges.

You have to make sure you are doing it for your self and not anyone else. I stay motivated by looking at old progress pictures and training journals that I have from all the way back in 99. When I look at how much progress I have made over the years it just causes me to want to push harder and go farther. I also get a tone of motivation from all the people that have contacted me over the years and said that my transformation has shown them that they too can do it!

Inspiring others to make healthy lifestyle choices and seeing them make progress is a feeling that can't be explained in words. It's why I became a certified NASM personal trainer and decided to get my bachelors in exercise sports science in the first place. Now I'm even able to offer my help online by creating and providing customized nutrition and workout programs that are available from my personal website .

What is your greatest
bodybuilding/fitness achievement so far?

Getting my NASM certification, achieving my bachelors in exercise sports science, and being a representative for thee Sacrifice & Honor apparel line are a few of my achievements so far. However my biggest achievement is simply the physical and mental transformation I have made over the years through pursuing my passion for fitness and sharing it with others.

Who are your favorite bodybuilders/ athletes
or fitness models?

Jim Cordova, Layne Norton, Josh Hayduck, Jason Powell, James Ellis, Obi Obadike, Kyle Clark, Rob Riches, and many many more.

What is the number one philosophy you live by?

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"-Philippians 4:13

What top 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting to get CutandJacked

  1. Stay consistent (results won't come over night, but if you stick with it they will come!)
  2. Diet is key (get your diet right first, because without a solid nutrition plan results will not be as good as they could be)
  3. Make it a lifestyle (don't just look for a quick fix or magic pill, make real changes that become a part of who you are and how you live. This is how you get real long lasting results that will result in a healthier you)





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