Posted 30 April 2020 by Sarah Peterson

No Weights No Problem: How To

Build Muscle At Home Without Weights

Published: April 29th 2020

You can build muscle at home without weights by investing in resistance bands instead. Bodyweight exercises can be effective for strength and muscle development, but the exercises available are limited compared to the universal use of bands. These are the cheapest investment in for long term health and body development.

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Resistance Bands Have Universal Use

This cheap equipment is basically for all types of training that you seek. Muscle endurance and growth, strength, cardio, mobility, and of course, flexibility. The exercises you perform and the way you execute them make the difference of what you are targeting.


Muscle Endurance and Growth

Muscle endurance is the ability for them to last longer. This applies strongly to athletes and if you are already active, but it is also beneficial for you if walking a short distance even makes you sore.

Growth occurs at varying levels through the execution of the exercises you perform. Doing an exercise without much control develops some muscle, but nice controlled movements and squeezing of the muscles enable the growth to take place.

Resistance bands make this control easier for you because the pull of the band forces you to have to counter it. Free weight training at home is usually sloppy, and when controlled, it still doesn't possess as much use of extra muscles as bands do.


Strength Training

Resistance bands definitely promote strength. Strength is not just a feature of how much you can lift, but rather how strong muscles are plus the strength of your bones.

Strength training is actively moving your body to get stronger. You can perform bodyweight exercises, and that is even considered a strengthening workout. Resistance bands just give you a lot more options to choose from, and the ability to target specific muscle groups effectively.

Doing movements with resistance also signals for your bones to strengthen and become less fragile in the later years. Senior fitness is strongly based around the use of resistance bands for exercise since they are easy to use for different movements. And the grip is much easier on the hands.


Mobility and Flexibility

Pull-up assist bands and hip circles work wonders for joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Both are important for keeping your body healthy and moving properly. Plus, improved mobility and flexibility carries over to greater chances of protecting your body from injury.

You are better off having both types of resistance bands to use for mobility training and stretching as well. The hip circle gives better results for movements with the lower body, while the pull up assist is perfect for upper body movements and all-around exercise options.

Having better mobility and flexibility means you are able to perform daily functional movements well. This could be reaching an item overhead or being able to walk upstairs again. Lots of mobility movements correlate to muscle and strength development as well.

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Cardio with Resistance Bands?

Cardio is commonly thought of as just running or sprinting, but all it means is doing an exercise that increases your heart use to strengthen it. There are several ways to go about accomplishing this with resistance bands.

You can perform a strength training circuit that is basically a mixture of cardio and strength training all in one. An example would be doing squat thrusters with a resistance band.

Another option is simply executing 4-5 exercises back to back, or with very short rests between. This gives a cardio effect just like doing a sprint when executed properly.

The other method could be purchasing resistance specifically used for the legs during intense actions like short sprints. Click here for more details on this product. These bands can also be used for warm-ups like knee-highs.

This will definitely get your muscle leaner with more definition.


Getting Lean and Muscular at Home

Resistance bands really do make lean muscle growth possible without the need for a gym membership, or going out and purchasing hundreds of dollars' worth of equipment. You take up less space as well being able to simply store bands on a door hook or within a drawer.

As mentioned, you have to perform movements with control and isolate different parts of the body. Many just do the motion and don't get the "feel" from the muscle(s) being squeezed into contraction. You definitely won't see much progress this way using bands or even weights.

Take your time squeezing the muscle being focused on, and then releasing the movement to activate even better during the eccentric phase, for example, performing a biceps curl with the band.

You contract the biceps to squeeze them, bringing blood flow to the muscles, and then slowly control the band down to activate your triceps better along with your biceps.

A diet is also still a must. There really is no way around this part because, without better eating habits, fat just won't leave as easily, or any at all for somebody types.


Invest in Affordable Equipment for Growth

Training at home really is quite effective for muscle gain and makes your wallet left with much more money in it as well. The normal price you would pay for 3-4 different resistance bands and strengths is around $40-$80 depending on where you get them and the brand as well. Needless to say, several bands that provide plenty for your body is great for being under $100!

Written by Sarah Peterson


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