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Posted 10 January 2014 by The Diet Kitchen

Recipe: Mexican Cheese

& Jalapeno Beef Burgers

Video Recipe: Healthy Mexican Cheese
and Jalapeno Beef Burgers

A quick and easy video recipe for a Healthy Mexican Cheese and Jalapeno Beef Burgers.

scr1_Mexican Cheese and Jalepeno Beef Burgers.jpg


  • 150g lean beef mince
  • 40g jalapeno
  • 40g low fat cheese
  • salt - black pepper
  • cayenne pepper
  • garlic powder

Macros per Batch of burgers:

  • Calories: 338kcal
  • Protein: 46g
  • Carbs: 5g
  • Fats: 14g
  • Fiber: 2g

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Posted 15 December 2013 by Kimberly Marie

Recipe: Chocolate Chip

Protein Cheesecake

Chocolate-chip Protein Cheesecake

scr1_choc chip cheesecake.jpg



scr2_choc chip cheesecake.jpg

  • 1/2 cup raw almonds
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup coconut flakes
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1-2 tbsp oil (as needed to make to desired consistency)

Blend all ingredients together and press into a prepared 8x8 pie tin. Bake at 350°F for 10 mins.

scr2_choc chip cheesecake.jpg


scr3_choc chip cheesecake.jpg

  • 2 8oz packages Neufchatel cheese, softened
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 eggwhite
  • 1 tbsp nut butter of choice
  • 2 scoops chocolate protein powder (or your flavor choice)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 15 drops liquid stevia (vanilla creme, to desired sweetness)
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

scr3_choc chip cheesecake.jpg

Mix filling ingredients together in a mixer or blender except for dark chocolate chips.  
Once blended well, stir in dark chocolate chips and pour over the baked crust.  
Bake at 325°F for 25-35 mins.  
Let cool completely before serving.

Macros (for 1/8 of the cheesecake):

Calories: 325 
Fat: 25 g (Saturated 10.4 g, polyunsaturated 0.6g, monounsaturated 3g, trans fat 0g)
Carbs: 15g (Fiber: 3g)
Sugar: 10 g
Protein: 15g

Kimberly Marie

Posted 21 December 2013 by The Diet Kitchen

Christmas Video Recipe:

Healthy Egg Nog

Healthy Egg Nog

healthy christmass eggnogg scr1.jpg

healthy christmass eggnogg scr1.jpg


- 500ml Almond Milk
- 100ml Egg Whites/ 3 Egg Whites-ish
- 2tbsp Sweetener
- 1tsp Vanilla Extract
- 1/2tsp Cinnamon + Nutmeg

Macros per ½ batch of Egg Nog:

Calories: 57kcal
Protein: 6.5g
Carbs: 1g
Fats: 3.5g
Fiber: 2g

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Posted 08 December 2013 by The Diet Kitchen

Video Recipe:

Protein Ice Cream

Protein Ice Cream

protein icecream scr1.jpg


- 100g Banana/1 Medium Banana
- 1 Big Scoop Whey
- 50ml of Milk

Macros per 1 Protein Ice Cream:

Calories: 214kcal
Protein: 25g
Carbs: 25g
Fats: 3g
Fiber: 3g

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Posted 24 November 2013 by The Diet Kitchen

Video Recipe: Protein


Video recipe: Protein Pancakes



- 3 egg whites/90g
- 90g yoghurt
- Vanilla Extract
- Cinnamon
- Sweetener
- 1 scoop Protein Powder
- 35g Oat Flour  

Macros per 1 batch of pancakes:

Calories: 332kcal
Protein: 42g
Carbs: 31g
Fats: 4.5g
Fiber: 5g

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Posted 30 November 2013 by The Diet Kitchen

Video Recipe: Chocolate

Peanut Butter Protein Muffin

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Muffin

Chocolate Preanut Butter Protein Muffin Scr1.jpg


  • 1/2 or 50g cup oat flour
  • 1/2 scoop protein powder
  • 2tsp Cocoa
  • Pinch of Baking Powder
  • Sweetener
  • 90g/3 Egg whites
  • 35g Peanut Butter

Macros per 1 muffin:

Calories: 175kcal
Protein: 12g
Carbs: 14g
Fats: 3g
Fiber: 7.7g

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Posted 18 November 2013 by The Diet Kitchen

Video Recipe: Banana and

Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Video Recipe: Banana and Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

A quick and easy video recipe for Banana and Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies



  • 200g Banana/2 Medium Banana
  • 70g - 3/4 Cup Oats
  • 1 Big Scoop Whey
  • 15-20g Dark Chocolate


Macros per 1 out of 6 cookies:

  • Calories: 90kcal
  • Protein: 6g
  • Carbs: 14g
  • Fats: 1g
  • Fiber: 2g

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Posted 15 November 2013 by Kimberly Marie

Recipe: Healthy

Chick Pea Cookies

Healthy Chick Pea Cookies



  • 1-1/2 cups Chick Peas, drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 cup Natural nut butter of your choice 
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 2 teaspoons of Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 cup of your favorite cookie add in (dark chocolate chips, craisins, raisins, etc.)
  • 1/4 cup almonds chopped up


Combine all cookie dough ingredients EXCEPT cookie add-in (dark chocolate chips, craisins, raisin) and almonds in a food processor and blend well. Once blended, using a spoon mix in cookie add-in and almonds. Drop by spoonful onto a prepared cookie sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees. 

Optional:  Sprinkle chocolate PB2 over top of unbaked cookies.


Makes about 16 cookies.

Per cookie:

Cal: 96
Fat: 4.6 g
Sat fat: 1.2 g
Monounsaturated fat: 1.2
Sodium: 67 mg
Carb: 12.8 g
Fiber: 2.1 g
Protein: 2.7 g

Recipe created by: Kimberly Marie, Facebook: KimberlyMarieFitness

Posted 22 October 2013 by Melih F. Cologlu

4 Quick Tips To Naturally

Boost Your Testosterone Levels

boost test scr3.jpg

4 Quick Tips To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels 

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones that is responsible for building muscle mass as well as bone strength, sexual functions, mood and other factors in the human body. What matters to body builders and us fitness enthusiasts the most is its muscle building power.

Here are my top 4 tips on boosting t-levels naturally.

1 - Train With Compound Exercises:

You may have heard so much about the importance of performing compound exercises for boosting testosterone levels naturally.   Following workout plans designed around the fundamental compound exercises such as the bench press, the squat and the deadlift is the ultimate way to accomplish this. Studies have shown that the more muscles under tension simultaneously, the more testosterone is released by the body. Although not as much as the compound movements, any type of resistance training has shown to help increase levels of natural testosterone in the body.

Few compound exercises to consider: Bench press, deadlift, squat, power cleans, hang cleans, push press, dips.

Example quadriceps workout

Lifting technique: pre-exhaust training

Pre-exhaust training consists of pre fatiguing the given muscle group by performing isolation exercises first (single joint exercises) and finishing up with compound exercises (multi jointed).


A - Great way to shock your body out of its comfort zone.
B - For those athletes who suffer from injuries and do not want to go too heavy on the compound movements - This allows you to achieve muscle fatigue without having to go very heavy on the compound lifts due to pre exhaustion.

Muscle group: Quadriceps

Warm Up: 2 warm up sets of 15 reps
Sets: 5
Reps: 15 reps for the isolation exercises & 10 reps for the compound exercise
Rest: 90 seconds

Isolation exercise 1: Leg extensions (toes pointed inwards)
Isolation exercise 2: Leg extensions (toes pointed outwards)
Compound exercise: Barbell front squats

boost test scr2.jpg

2 - Increase training volume and intensity: 

You are already on the right track by adding the compound movements into your training routine.  Now, let's take it a step further to boost your t-levels even more by increasing the volume and intensity of your training sessions.  Latest studies suggested that higher volume training using repetition ranges around 8-10 rm (repetition max) boosted up T-levels more than when rep ranges of 4-6 rm were used. 

However, power training style workouts with lower repetitions are very crucial since they will only help you get stronger for when you train with higher rep ranges during high volume workouts and more weight means more intensity and more natural testosterone production.  

Example of a power workout:

Lifting Technique: Traditional straight sets
Muscle Group:  Chest

Sets: 5
Reps: 4 - 6
Rest: 90 seconds

Exercise 1:  Barbell flat bench press
Exercise 2:  Dumbbell incline bench press
Exercise 3:  Weighted push ups

boost test scr4.jpg

3 - Rest And Recovery = High T-Levels:

Allowing your body to recover and get ready for the next workout is essential for maintaining healthy levels of testosterone.  There are a few ways to allow your muscles to rest and your body to keep high levels of testosterone:

Come up with a workout regimen: Give a minimum of 48 hours before you train the same muscle groups again.  You can train up to 6 times a week, but if you would like to train this many days a week, you want to make sure that you follow a training split where the bigger muscle groups still get adequate rest.

Sleep like a baby for recovery:  I recommend for any athlete to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep for maximum recovery

Stretch after your workouts:  Make sure to stretch out after each workout and between sets to improve flexibility and help recovery.

Respect your body:  If you feel symptoms of insomnia, constant fatigue and especially decreased levels of strength, this is your body's way of telling you that you should get more rest and recover properly, which will help keep up your natural t-levels.

boost test scr1.jpg

4 - Nutrition And supplementation:

There are lots of factors and different approaches when it comes to nutrition and natural testosterone production, but in this article I want to point out the importance of fats, vitamins and minerals.

Fats:  Fats play a big role in the testosterone production in the body.  Cutting out fat to very minimum levels could result in lower t-levels, which will hinder your growth and recovery.

Some of the good fat sources to consider:

*Peanut butter
*Olive oil
*Almonds & other nuts

Calcium -  A very important ingredient to bone strength, muscle and nerve functions.  1000 mg. Daily is suggested to help boost and maintain higher t-levels.  So make sure to include calcium rich foods in your diet such as milk and cheese.

Zinc -  This mineral has been proven to help maintain/increase natural t-levels in as little as 4 weeks especially when following an exercise program.  So make sure to include zinc supplements such as zma.

Vitamin D - Studies have shown that supplementing with vitamin d could help increase testosterone levels. 

Recommended supplement for natural testosterone production:  grenade at-4

Grenade at-4 has been formulated to support the body's hormonal axis. Improvements in the form of hormonal support would be expected to provide and environment that is conductive to enhanced:

*Exercise performance
*Muscle pumps
*Muscle mass


As athletes and fitness enthusiasts, we work very hard in the gym and the key elements above will help elevate your natural testosterone levels which will help you get the most out of your hard work in the gym.

Written by Melih f. Cologlu/acpt
Owner of

Photo Credits:  Luis Rafael

Posted 01 October 2013 by Jeremy Scott

7 Ways to Go Gluten-Free,

Get Lean, and Stay Shredded

Getting Lean Gluten Free

7 Ways to Go Gluten-Free, Get Lean, and Stay Shredded

gluten free main widescreen.jpg

Eating a gluten-free, clean, fresh, and healthy diet will go a long way in helping you boost your metabolism, lose extra weight, get super lean, and put you on the path to the healthiest you have ever been. Not mentioned walking around lean and shredded 24-7-365...

BUT, it only works if you follow these 7 key strategies:

Quick intro for anyone who is unfamiliar with gluten and the issues it causes a large number of people everyday - The Mayo Clinic’s breakdown goes like this –“A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes the protein gluten. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye).”

Going gluten free is used to treat “celiac disease, gluten causes inflammation in the small intestines of individuals with celiac disease. So adhering to a nutrition plan that is gluten free helps control the symptoms and issues that come from consuming gluten.
gluten free q1.pngMany of you might not have celiac disease, however many individuals even though they don’t have a clear-cut allergy you might have a high intolerance which mimics the same issues and complications. If you have a high intolerance consuming a moderate to high amount of gluten might be causing you more harm than good with issues such as inflammation, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea all of which are not real sexy or fun to deal with.

gluten free scr1.jpg

1. DUMP the Word “Diet

DUMP the Word “Diet”… The “D” Word ONLY equates to Short Term Success. Instead of considering this to be a diet, consider it as a life-long change. Make it a Lifestyle Change for Permanent Results. Diets don’t last change your mindset jump on board for a month at least and see how you feel, move and react without all the added gluten in your life. My guess you will look and more importantly feel like a ripped up version of Rambo.

2.  AVOID as many grains as possible.

AVOID as many grains as possible. Don’t just replace Gluten-filled baked goods with Gluten-free options.  Store-bought gluten-free breads, crackers, muffins, and snacks are usually filled with starchy carbohydrates that will only spike insulin levels and add a nice puffy layer of padding around your middle.  Keeping it real sometimes is all you need to do and in this case, keeping it real with lean meats, veggies and fruit as needed will do the trick.

Aim for using either high-protein flours such as coconut flour, almond flour, teff flour, quinoa flour, oat flour, or millet flour if you are going to do any baked goods.

3.  Learn how to read labels

Learn how to read labels. Gluten can be lurking in surprising places. Get a gluten-free cheat sheet and keep it with you so you do not end up getting glutened without knowing it. Educate yourself about what you are sticking in your body, many times products throw in little fillers and additives gluten included without you even knowing causing you to have issues and reactions.

4. Begin a love affair with the produce aisle

Begin a love affair with the produce aisle (and the entire exterior of your grocery store). This is the easiest way to go gluten-free and become a lean machine. Fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and poultry are all naturally gluten free. You have heard it before stay on the perimeter of the grocery store, trust me on this the more basic and close to “real” your food is the better your body will look, feel, and react day in and day out.

gluten free scr2.jpg

5.  Plan your meals out at the beginning of the week

Plan your meals out at the beginning of the week.  Put together a simple clean-eating Menu Plan and create the shopping list then get everything you need at the beginning of the week so it is all on hand and ready to go. Having an idea of what lies ahead only enables you to avoid any pitfalls during the week, be prepared to be successful in this dietary change.

6. Ditch the Refined Sugars

Ditch the Refined Sugars. Sugar drains and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification and elimination makes upon one's entire system. Sugar eaten every day produces a continuously over-acid condition, and more and more minerals are required from deep in the body in the attempt to rectify the imbalance. Excess sugar eventually affects every organ in the body and is stored in the form of fat in the most inactive areas: the belly, the buttocks, the breasts, and the thighs.

7. Focus on taking care of your gut

Focus on taking care of your gut…from the inside out. Healing the gut and taking care of your digestion will go a long way in giving you that flat sculpted belly you have been longing for. At the end of the day we all want to be lean, shredded, jacked, sexy, whatever the word is we want it. However, above all else our health is the #1 thing in our life having your digestive system up to pair ensures you are functioning at your best and feeling that way inside and outside the gym walls.

Hope this helps some of you guys out there struggling to get lean and drop some extra body fat, it helped me live leaner day to day and I am sure it can do the same for you if you let it. Leave some comments or questions below I would love to hear your thoughts.

Written by Jeremy Scott  & Kim Maes creator’s of:


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