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Workout Routine:

Sadik "Physique" Hadzovic

Workout Routine: Six day a week by Sadik "Physique" Hadzovic

Day 1 Back (10-6 reps per set)

5 sets deadlifts
4 sets lat pull downs
4 sets bent over barbell rows
3 sets underhand pull ups
4 sets seated cable rows
1 set to failure overhand pull ups

Day 2 Chest (12-8 reps per set)

4 sets incline dumbbell flys
5 sets incline barbell bench press
4 sets machine flys
5 sets barbell bench press
3 sets cable flys
4 sets decline machine press
1 set to failure push ups

Day 3 OFF DAY/Cardio

5 sets of 1 minute interval sprints (1 minute rest, 1 minute sprint)

Day 4 Legs (15-8 reps per set)

5 sets leg press
5 sets of leg extensions
5 sets of lying leg curl
6 sets of donkey calve raises
4 sets of weighted squats
1 set of walking lunges to failure

Day 5 Arms (10 reps per set)

4 sets of seated preacher curls
5 sets of French curls on decline
4 sets standing hammer curls
5 sets tricep pushdowns
3 sets of heavy barbell curl
3 sets seated over head tricep extensions

Day 6 Abs (15-20 reps per set)

4 sets cable crunches
4 sets arm and leg raises with exercise ball
4 sets alternating leg ups
4 sets running plank
4 sets torso twist with medicine ball
4 sets alternating toe touches
1 set of hanging leg raises till failure

Day 7 OFF DAY/cardio

5 sets of 1 minute interval sprints (1 minute rest, 1 minute sprint)

Interview, including Sadik's nutrition info here:

Sadik "Physique" Hadzovic


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