Posted 26 January 2015 by Su Farrell

12 Things To Expect During

Competition Prep


I have been spending a lot of time around people who are preparing for a show for the first time ever and I think some people are unsure of the process or what to expect. I wanted to put together a list of a few pointers that might help you in understanding the journey you are embarking on. If you know what to expect, it might make it a little less tough!


1. DO NOT expect it to be easy.

DO NOT expect it to be prep should one of the hardest thing you ever do in your life. If you cruise through prep, you are not doing it correctly. Go harder!

2. Your first time will blow your mind!

Your first time will blow your mind! Every day you will see your body as you have never seen it before and this is a crazy experience. Remember to take photos of yourself along the way to monitor the journey. It may be hard but seeing your body change so drastically will make it all worthwhile!


3. Sacrifices

Be prepared to make some sacrifices. This may be your time, or socialising with friends, but show prep requires dedication and sometimes you have to be willing to make these sacrifices.

4. You will be in the best shape of your life!

You will be in the best shape of your life! Knowing that you have put everything you can into prep and knowing that you look the best you could possibly look is an amazing achievement.

5. You will be hungry!

You will be hungry! This is inevitable. If you are not, the chances are you are not doing it right.

6. You will be tired!

You will be tired! Reduced calories and hardcore training sessions should leave you pooped.


7. The mirror

The mirror will play mind games with you! You will never see yourself how others see you. This is when your Coach comes into play. And you MUST trust them. As you get further into prep, you WILL start to freak out…”I’m not lean enough”, “I’m not dropping fat fast enough”, “I’m losing all my muscles” (my particular favourite mind game!), “I’m not going to be ready”…this is normal. Trust the process.

8. Support

You will find support in the strangest places. You may find those closest to you do not support you as you may expect them to but your neighbour may come up to you and tell you how much you are inspiring them! Chances are someone is proud of you. There will always be people that will say you have “gone too far” but they just don’t understand. Be proud and don’t let anyone get to you. This is YOUR journey.

9. Thinking about food

You will be thinking about food A LOT! During the latter stages of prep, I watch The Food Network CONSTANTLY! You will see other competitors are the same and pictures of food or “food porn” as people refer to it will be rife on your social media news feeds!

10. Other competitors

Do not focus on other competitors photos…you CANNOT control what anyone else is doing. Just focus on you and your progress.

11. Peak week

Peak week (the week running up to comp) is the best part! Usually you are doing something different every day (as opposed to the rest of your prep where you do the same thing day in, day out) and you get to carb up! You will look forward to this day like a kid at Christmas!

12. Show day

Show day is so much fun! This is the moment that you get to show off all your hard work, you get to be pampered with hair and make up (guys too!) and you get to rock your banging body on stage! Enjoy it!

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Written By Su Farrell

Twitter: @sufarrellfigure
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