Posted 24 October 2011 by Matt Karstetter

Matt Karstetter’s 5 Tips That

Can Make all the Difference

Matt Karstetter’s 5 Tips That Can
Make all the Difference:

1. Maximum Growth

1. Maximum Growth - Eat every two hours, approximately 50 grams of Carbs and 50 grams protein. If needed wear a wristwatch and set a timer for every two hours. Make the last meal of the day a protein shake. (50% Whey Protein, 50% Casein Protein) This will help fuel your body overnight.

2. Alternate Carb & Protein Sources

2. Alternate Carb & Protein Sources – Change the carb and protein source each meal.

Example: Meal #1 Chicken & Rice, Meal #2 Steak & Sweet Potatoes, Meal #3 Ground Turkey and White Potatoes. You can repeat the same meal more than once in same day, just don’t eat the same meal back to back.

3. Train Controlled

3. Train Controlled – Control and Isolate the specific body part, both on the descent and ascent of each movement and focus on correct form. The pace of your reps should stay the same when going up or down. Slow the descent to add negative resistance for additional stimulation.

4. Contraction

4. Contraction – Make a point to pause and squeeze at the top and bottom of each movement. Reduce weight if needed to get the adequate contraction at the top and bottom to keep full range of motion and proper form.

5. Water

5. Water – Water plays a role in nearly ever function of the human body. Consumption depends on size of the person, supplementation, diet, lifestyle, etc., but two gallons of water is generally a good daily goal most gym rats. Urine color is a good gauge to judge hydration as odd as it may sound. Keep your urine clear and you are doing a good job of keeping hydrated. Multi-vitamins however will dramatically affect color and is completely normal, so be mindful of this when analyzing your level of hydration.

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