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David McIntosh


You seem to exude confidence…What advice would you give to anyone who struggles with his or her own
confidence levels?

When you constantly push your mind and body in your chosen field and never give up your confidence will be unshatterable! No one will be able tell you you're less than great, because every day that you exceed your goals your confidence grows with it and you will be content as you are the master of everything you are challenging yourself at.


You have launched a new supplement line
DevilDawgNutrition could you tell us about it?

Yes yes I most certainly can, sit back and let me divulge! I've been in the fitness and nutrition game for a while now and I believe I've come to that point were I had to change things up in the industry. Many of the company's seem to be all singing off David_McIntosh_q1.pngthe same song sheet, which can make the customers options very limited and mundane. Devil Dawg nutrition isn’t just about supplying high-end nutrition to get you the public massive, shredded and extremely jacked it’s a movement. I want to bring excitement, creativity, motivation, dedication and sense of constant self achievement to all the smart people out there who wish to change up and roll with the "DAWG POUND". 

I have viscous pre-workout called DRAGON FIRE, after 2 scoops you will be an unstoppable machine nothing will hinder you from destroying your P.B's allow the potent elixir to course through your veins and give you unfounded ferocious God like power! Furthermore it's also a good idea to take some before a night out, you will be rocking the dance floor till the early hours like a jacked John Travolta.  

Also a must on the shopping list from Devildawgnutrition is my all in one whey isolate shake GENESIS and for those looking to get seriously shredded and sexy in the New Year SHREDDED GOD fat burners.

For those that may think "ohhhhhh it's just another celeb putting their name to some rubbish" well I will say this to you. Devildawgnutrition wasn't born over night it was born many many years ago when a 10 year old boy stepped into a dusty old gym in Wigan for the first time and shifted some cold hard iron with force over his head. It released an unfounded feeling of raw strength and aggression which would lead to him knowing no limits and pushing the body to the furthest reaches of what is humanly possible everyday since. Being tested not just in the gym, boxing ring but in warzones throughout his life he spawned an idea of what the fitness industry needs to grow and become more powerful then ever before, where you the gym junkie will push yourself to levels that you never even fathomed.  Ermmmm p.s that 10 year old boy is me incase you didn't know LOL.


How many years have you been training?

18 years I've been pushing my body hard. It's never just been lifting weights I've been involved in all kinds of different sports. Which has allowed me to have a good respect for all athletes and know what each need to reach optimum performance in the their sporting field.  


Have you been training consistently throughout the years or have you taken long periods off for any reason?

The only time I've not been able to train is when I've been out in places like Afghanistan, where I think you would struggle to find a total fitness on the street corner, but when out there we could cover distances of up to 30 miles in one day in mountainous terrain carrying weight excessive of 120lb so I guess that definitely counts as training, no!?  

You are often snapped by paparazzi, do you enjoy the limelight or can they be overly intrusive?

You know what, it never really bothers me, they’re going to take your picture whether you get pissed off or not! So I don't let it work me up.  I save my aggression for the gym. What can get annoying is when the press have a go at me for walking around in my training gear.  "Vest and short shorts" standard uniform for the DAWG POUND! The UK press should I praise people for taking care of their body not berate them for allowing it to be seen. It's my life and it's my job. If I worked in an office I'd walk around in a suite! Not quite sure squatting in a shirt and pants is a good idea.


Do you typically train for performance, aesthetics or both?

I've always trained for performance, if my body looks aesthetically pleasing from the way I train then so be it, but from being a sports man and Royal Marines Commando my training has always had to be functional to turn me into a well oiled machine ready to defeat any challenge not just be a pretty Ken doll.

What are your current goals and future plans?

I want people to understand that fitness need not be boring, I want people to achieve their wildest dreams. So to that end I will grow Devil Dawg nutrition and push it into the furthest corners of the world. Not just by supplements but Gym Gear and heavy hitting, body changing gyms.


What is your current nutrition like?

I don't eat that much food, literally 2 meals a day. In the morning I make a smoothie, a couple of scoops of genesis, oats, banana and peanut butter blend that with milk and you’re laughing. Good for all the people that can't stomach eating when they wake up. I also drink a lot of organic vegetable juices great for getting massive amounts of veg in your diet with out actually eating it.


What is your current workout routine?

I have many varied workouts, changing from week to week, it's that aged old saying "keep the body guessing" the versatility in my training keeps me strong in all areas plus agile and lean. I have some great workout programmes on my website that give you an insight into how I train. But here is an arm workout that is sure to test your readers:

Guns of Jericho: Destruction of the biceps is the only way out! Fury will be your passion, and venom will be your lifting force. Shudder the foundations of the gym with the force of a rising Titan.

Warm up: 10 down to 1 under arm pull-ups after every set of pull-ups. You will super set it with the matching amount of triangle press ups which is real naughty for the triceps.

Feel the force and get ready to lift.

First exercise:  Olympic bar 20 chest reps medium weight nice and controlled feel the contraction.

Time to whack on the big boy weights 3 sets of 5 reps. Don't worry so much about form we're creating power right now you should just be able to get the 5th rep out.

Finish with a light weight, super controlled and max out, make sure you feel that mind altering burn.

Power is surging through your system abuse it and use it!

Second exercise:  Skull crushers (lying French press) super setted with reverse curls both using EZ bar.

4 Sets of heavy 6-8 Reps Skull crushers, then super set 10 reps reverse curl.

Forearms like a Trojan warrior. Time to shut down the game, stop the crying and start the lifting.

Third exercise:  Seated cable preacher. Real slow, real nice and feel the burn deep in that muscle.

5 sets, rep range 15, 10, 6, 3, max. Going heavier every single time but on the last set drop the weight right down and max out till your biceps explode and tears of triumph and victory come from your eyes!

Yes yes yes yesssss it's the last set. Fully loaded and ready to rock!!!!

Tricep pull down 100 REPS! Choose a weight that you can get about 25 reps out on and stick to it. You will have no rest in this exercise. When you physically can't do another pull down you jump on the floor and do pressups that's your rest, then you're straight back onto the pulldown until you reach 100!

Stand and be counted allow the force of the Devil Dawg to penetrate every living cell of your body. The time of change has come. Shredded, massive and disgustingly mean.


David McIntosh

Born: 10.12.85
Weight: 100kg
Height: 6ft


Photography By Maya Guez

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