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Posted 15 October 2011 by Spencer Stamey

Spencer Stameys Top 5 Tips To

Achieving Your Ideal Physique

About Spencer

I am 22 years old and have been an Infantry Marine for four years. My passion is fitness and I aspire to compete on a pro level. On November 5, 2011, I will be competing in the Men’s Physique category Of the NPC Elite Muscle Classic in North Carolina where I hope to earn my IFBB Pro Card. My goals for the future include competing for Mr. South Carolina in 2012 and continuing my Ultra Fit career while saving and changing lives in the state of South Carolina.

Spencer Stamey’s Top 5
Tips To Getting CutAndJacked

1.) Intensity

Intensity – Training with 110% effort every single time you step foot in the gym.
Always push yourself for that one last rep or one last set, with that being said they all add up over time!

2.) Dedication

Dedication – Show commitment by always making the gym a priority. No matter what is going on; make sure to get in your workout.

3.) Nutrition

Nutrition – Solid nutrition is key to getting into your best shape ever. The UltraFit program has helped me prevent plateaus while getting ripped!
It gives increased energy as well as reducing body fat and creating a healthy source of fuel for those killer workouts.

4.) Motivation

Motivation – Having a training partner is a great way to stay motivated. My training partner, Tonya Simpson, and I love to push each other through some hard core Ultra Fit workouts at our local Coop’s Health and Fitness club in Anderson, SC.

5.) Training

Training – One of the most important tools for getting into the best shape is using a strength training approach to working out. By reducing cardio and incorporating weight and resistance training, you will build massive lean muscle while increasing strength and endurance. I have not used cardio during my training but any time I participate in the Marine physical fitness tests I perform at the top of my company!

Photos by: Jake Simpson, Tattoos by: Blvd Tattoo Company

Interview with Spencer:

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