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Kwesi Keller


How and when did you start training?

My training began when I was 13, I was what they called a "Husky" kid. So before I could even afford to go to the gym I would do 500 push-ups and 500 sit-ups every night. This took place for months until my mother could budget in 22 dollars a month to get me and my older brother a gym membership. I always loved being in the weight room, but it wasn't until my mid 20's that I actually learned the principles behind training and nutrition that has taken my physique to the next level.


What mistakes did you make as a newbie?

My biggest mistake when I got into bodybuilding was assuming lifting weights and doing cardio was the most important part of bodybuilding. I have come to find out the importance of clean eating thanks to my nutrition mentor Shawn Wolfe.

We know consistency is key, what tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?

Consistency is a choice; just like all of life's many other decisions. Every morning when the most green amateur or most seasoned veteran wakes up, they are faced with all of the same obstacles. What separates the two is the ability to plan, understand the bigger picture, and accept delayed gratification. These all are learned traits, they don't just happen.


Do you listen to music whilst training?

When training I absolutely have to have headphones on to get in my zone. My playlist looks a little like this:

  • 2 Chainz
  • Adele
  • Trinidad James
  • Skrillex
  • Rick Ross
  • Wale

What do you think about when you have to
dig deep and push out that last rep?

I will have to say there is very little thought during that last rep. That is normally where flight or fight kicks in and complete rage becomes a tool.


How far ahead do you plan and prepare ahead
your nutrition and training if at all.

My nutrition is planned ahead of time; there is no room for guessing. Same with training, when I walk in the gym I know what I'm training for that day. Planning for me takes place on my rest days typically the weekends to re-evaluate my previous weeks and plan for the following.

What are you most proud of?

I feel my greatest accomplishments happen both in and out of the gym. Helping change lives by inspiring and educating other people on health is always the highlight of my day.


Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

In the past I was uneducated on the body and saw the videos of the pros in the off-season in excess of 300lbs, so I assumed I had to do that to get big. Through proper education I learned staying lean year round actually helps my body build more dense lean muscle faster.

What types of cardio do you do?

My cardio depends on what I'm training for. Often I see individuals doing cardio that is inappropriate for their ultimate goal. When getting ready for a show I do low intensity cardio; but being a Military member I also have to ramp it up with HIIT training when getting ready for a Physical Fitness test.

What is your training routine like?

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Arms and abs
Wednesday – Shoulders and traps
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Chest
Saturday – Back
Sunday – Rest

Full Workout Routine


What is your diet when trying to get in peak condition?

I eat clean year round to stay as close to peak condition as possible. I believe you are not a bodybuilder unless you have abs in the off-season.

Who are your favourite athletes, bodybuilders
or fitness models?

My favorite bodybuilders would have to be Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, and Dana linn Baily.

What supplements do you use if any?

I use Muscle Meds products along with ON Hydrowhey and
Youngevity multi-vitamin and mineral.


What top 3 tips would you give to anyone wanting
to get CutAndJacked?

1. Abs are built in the kitchen; nutrition is the key to muscle growth and development.

2. Practice the fundamentals of your craft, for every other technique is built upon the basics.

3. When you see the crowd going left, go right. When you are willing to be the individual who does not what he/she wants to do but do what is needed then you will be one step closer to being CutAndJacked. 

Name: Kwesi Keller
year of birth: 1985
Height: 5'11
Weight - Offseason: 255lbs, Contest: 220lbs

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